Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Coming to Steam on Oct. 18, New Announcement Teased for TGA 2022

A mysterious pizza box has confirmed Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time will be coming to Steam on Oct. 18. and it also teases an announcement.

Orchard350d ago

Crash 4 was great. Glad we're getting more it seems!

Tbh, I know everyone is raving about COD etc, but Crash + Spyro are actually the two things I'm most excited about with Activision being acquired.

Make regular Crash + Spyro games a thing. Let Toys For Bob run wild on them.

Sciurus_vulgaris350d ago

I beat crash 4 a few months ago. Good heavens is it punishing at times. After some the levels my palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy …. I still enjoyed the most of levels despite the difficulty. The visuals, animations and humour was also great too

Ryzza5349d ago

Still waiting for crash team racing

Plagasx347d ago

Wait, I thought Crash 4 came to PC already?


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badboyz09300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

I bought a switch lite last year just for when I travel with a few games like CTR and okami HD. But the best game so far is easily Spyro Reignited Trilogy.


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monkey602450d ago

Have been consistently for months now

Eonjay450d ago

Yeah the source has a 100% track record.... We got about three leakers out there right now with perfect records. Something big is supposed to be coming tomorrow. Lets see if it pans out.

LoveSpuds450d ago

Can you elaborate please Eonjay, I am not in the loop regarding any rumours.

Iceball2000450d ago

What’s happening tomorrow and who are the leakers?

Eonjay450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

Apparently the GOW releases date drops tomorrow. The Snitch is the leaker on this one

Btw I'm taking bets on the date. My guess is Nov 18th

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen450d ago (Edited 450d ago )



October 25th or 28th.

There won't be any other games competing for attention in that time frame.

Eonjay450d ago


Isn't that the week Call of Duty releases?

LoveSpuds449d ago

Ahhh, hadn't heard that Eonjay, thanks for the info. Hope the rumours are true, I am gagging to play this game!

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MaximusPrime_450d ago

Crash Bandicoot 4 is a fun game. Good addition to next month's free games for all those wishes to stay on basic essential tier.

CanadianTurtle450d ago

Crash 4 was the game fans wanted for YEARS. I grew up on the original series from the 90s and fans have been waiting for a faithful sequel that stands close to the shoulders of the NaughtyDog games. Crash4 is amazing, and I encourage everyone to support the game. Unfortunately, it didn't do well in sales, so us fans are worried about the future of the franchise.

SoulWarrior449d ago

We'll put, it's how exactly how I feel. The issue was poor release timing just before the launch of the current gen consoles, maybe could have been a tad cheaper, and had a PS5/SX version at launch, would have faired a lot better that way imo.

Orchard450d ago

Very strong month. Crash 4 was awesome (still hoping we get a sequel).

GWG, take note, this is how it is done - you CAN keep giving good free monthly games after launching a catalog subscription service.

Crows90450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

That's what I've been saying. Not to mention ps extra is cheaper than game pass basic.

If Xbox gamers don't start complaining they're always gonna end up with the crappier services and games. Value is in quality of games not amount. And it's also in the price point.

Orchard450d ago

I still view the two subscriptions separately though.

If you're comparing PS+ premium tiers VS GamePass, then I think GP wins, mainly due to the day 1 content.
If you're comparing the base PS+ vs XBL Gold games, then PS+ is the clear winner. GWG has been dreadful for... well years.

MS needs to do a better job on the GWG content. They could look to their back catalog, especially with Zenimax and soon Activision. No one is asking for the next Forza to be day 1 on GWG, heck, Crash 4 is almost 2 years old at this point - but it's a high quality AA/AAA game, not some bargain bin title like those which have been on GWG.

Older games are fine, but they have to be high quality older games.

--Onilink--450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

Well, one thing to consider is that free plus games is probably something that is managed months in advance, so its still pretty early to tell if the free plus games will eventually take a hit. Hopefully not, but it still certainly makes a lot of sense for Sony to try to push people to the more expensive tiers

Orchard450d ago

True, although Sony would also have known they would be releasing the new PS+ months in advance. But yes, contracts could've already been in place that they couldn't back out of.

We'll wait and see how it all plays out anyways.

Crows90450d ago

Gwg was crappy long before gamepass released. Ps plus has been consistently better overall every single year.

Crows90450d ago

My impression of both services is very clear.

Both offer games. One touts day 1 releases while the other actually has also had day 1 releases both on ps now with Shadow warrior 3 and plus offerings for some titles on day 1. PlayStation doesn't tout day 1 releases because they don't plan on devaluing their 1st party.

The only difference between them is price. The rest is wordplay and meaningless without quality titles.

purple101450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

I keep hearing this day one pop up in arguments too but they have had nothing on day 1 . Bar a Brocken halo game.. and they had to buy outriders just so they could say it was day one. But that's 3rd party. 2 games. 2 games. God dam give up with the day one. There has been no day ones.,day twos . Day 3,4 or 5's.

Untill they release some Games they are basically lying to their fans at this point.

Side note: I'm very happy with crash 4. Just saved me £20..I wanted to buy it at some point. But now don't have to. And carmageddon thing is, laughably .. a day one!. Albeit a smaller game.

Orchard450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

There have been many day 1 GP titles. A quick list off the top of my head:

- Halo
- Forza Horizon 5 (the highest rated first party game of 2021)
- Psychonauts 2
- MLB The Show 21 + 22
- Hades (the 4th highest rated game of 2021)
- Back4Blood
- Sniper Elite 5

Sorry, but the reality is nothing of those scales or scores is coming to PS+ day 1. MLB, a Sony made game, isn't even on the service.

EDIT: Full list says there were 53 day 1 titles for GP in 2021 ( )