Street Fighter 6 Character Creator Sees Players Making Nightmare-Inducing Creations

Capcom seems to have made the Street Fighter 6 character creator a bit too well, as fans are making nightmarish creations and sharing them.

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Snookies1255d ago

Amazing, love to see it haha.

Mobis-New-Nest55d ago

Finally I can make Taliban Tahrak: He crushes the infidels with every blow as he works tirelessly to spread The Will of Allah in the Street Fighter Universe! No one can stand in his way! "In The Name of Allah, you will face a grievous chastisement by my hand" - Taliban Tahrak

GoodGuy0955d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Ah yes. Ark levels of customization. More games need this lol.

excaliburps55d ago

LOL! I went WTF when I first saw it. Some people are just sick.

Lexreborn255d ago

I’m so hurt I haven’t gotten the beta key… I was super looking forward to getting selected 😭

HeliosHex55d ago

Lol. Love it. Thats part of the fun of character creator

Knightofelemia55d ago

Hmmm the male anatomy with small arms doing a hadouken or Chun Li's spinning bird kick I would be curious to see that.

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