Eight years later, Alien: Isolation is an unmatched horror gem – and the high-tide of licensed games

The scariest Xenomorph out there is probably the stalking Amanda Ripley, and the star of Creative Assembly’s extraordinary horror game.

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MIDGETonSTILTS1750d ago (Edited 50d ago )

100+ hours later, I still worship this game.

Please port to the PSVR2, it could be a great use of the adaptive triggers and 3D audio 🙏

bondsmx50d ago

Dude.. this game in VR… hell yes

ChubbyBlade50d ago

You can mod it on Pc for vr if you have a pc. It’s not great but it definitely increases the scares

SullysCigar50d ago

The PC mod was fun for a short while years ago, but it fell way short of what you'd hope for.

These days, I don't tarnish the VR experience with quick fixes. I'll wait for the real thing. If it never comes, at least I didn't have an mediocre experience.

But give me the real thing, professionally built to maximise what we can do in VR today and I'm ALL IN!

Storm2350d ago

Great game and was really enjoying it but it was giving me horrible motion sickness so had to stop =(

DefenderOfDoom250d ago

Alien Isolation is my favorite horror game of all time, and I have been playing video games since the mid 70's

robtion50d ago

It is a great game and captures the feel of the original Alien movie so well.

The evil within also came out around the same time. I was in horror gaming heaven for a while there.

Vx_50d ago

best horror game hands down, I remember IGN gave this masterpiece a 5/10, their review was a complete joke

robtion50d ago

I stopped listening to IGN way before Alien Isolation came out.

Levii_9250d ago

I would agree with that score sadly that's what i would give it after my experience and i really gave the game a fair shot i really did and i wanted to love it, i've put at least 6 hours in and i did that not only because i adore horror games but because i adore Alien and Aliens and i just don't get why people praise it so much. The game is drab and kinda dull, the pacing didn't work for me at except for the solid beginning, there was too much happening and the gameplay is just so outdated (the hiding from enemies and shit) and a bit clunky .. i get hiding from the Alien that's dope but why the hell did they force in those robots or androids or whatever they are ? That's the part where the game died for me for good when that was introduced.

But maaaan best horror game ? Yikes that's a bold statement pal. At least put ''IMO'' in there somewhere.

CorndogBurglar50d ago

Awww. Someone who doesn't know how opinions work.

You realize you don't need to say "IMO" or anything similar for something to still be an opinion, right? They teach this to 2nd graders, you know?

Inverno50d ago

8 years is too long to excuse a sequel not being made. Then again SEGA is full of dumb

ChubbyBlade50d ago

They considered 3 million sales a failure. It’s not getting a sequel because they’re dumb. They made a l4d knockoff instead that no one played.

CorndogBurglar50d ago

Are you talking about Fireteam Elite? Because Sega had nothing to do with that game.

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