Demon's Souls Official Website Updated - High-def trailer + attributes

Demon's Souls official website has been updated with a high-resolution trailer and new information on player attributes.

The trailer is in the top right corner of the website, and the attribute info can be found under the "system" tab. For a rough English translation, click the credit URL.

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Kain813802d ago

but i cant find the trailer, where is that trailer???

fishd3801d ago

This is the spiritual successor of King's field which sold about 1.5 mil in Japan,So it may be a hit in Japan.

The Killer3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

in a small rectangle in the demon souls big picture at the top left, its written on it "new" and there is a picture of a knight and a masked man, click on that and it should launch ur default player and it will be streaming the video.

this game reminds me of "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" but with more excitement with the monsters etc, however it is not my style of game and i doubt it will be a huge success unless they manage to make something never done before or push the quality of the game so high and with good advertisement.

SaiyanFury3801d ago

I am getting this game, I will say this now. I don't care if the graphics aren't on par with Final Fantasy XIII. My name is SaiyanFury, and I am a King's Field addict. A game that is the spiritual successor to King's Field? How the hell can I say no?

marinelife93801d ago

Great dragon at the end. The game looks better than ninja blade.

pixelsword3801d ago

I still have it, as a matter of fact. I can play it on my PS3.

That game was graphically lacking and moved a little slow, but it was actually a very good RPG when all was said and done.

I can't believe I played PS1 games without the two little joysticks.

PS2 changed everything for me.

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Giriath3802d ago

In the top right corner.

Kain813802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

but i cant see it, i dont know why.
I see only a white blank site with nothing in there :(

Kain813802d ago

if so can you tell us what it look like please.

Lacri3801d ago

Direct link:

The game is looking very promisiong. The artworks are great.

locos853801d ago

Looks good. But I want more info on it

TOO PAWNED3801d ago

This could be sleeper hit. It seems they took a lot from monster Hunter but made it more mature. Maybe it could work in Japan. Will it sell in west? it depends from leveling up system and combat. If they can come close to Oblivion, it could be solid title. But market it, if it turn out good. I am sure few people know about this game.

DaDarkKnight3801d ago

What is wrong with everyone nowadays, most of the comments I have read have been it might sell if they market it blah, blah, blah. Its like fanboys have pretty much taken over this generation and not just in gaming. What ever happen to looking at something and saying damn I got to get that game because its awesome regardless if the game sells well. Now its like nobody gets excited about a game until the reviews comes out and if the reviews are good and the game does not sell its all of a sudden makes the game a sucks just because fanboys cannot brag to under fanboys how much the game rocks and how they cannot get it on their system lol I for one am a Sony fan because I have owned and loved all the consoles they have made but I still give the other consoles props when they make good games. Now do I worry about sells yes I do when a game is good because I want them to make a sequel but not for bragging to other fanboys lol

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The story is too old to be commented.