The Sims 3 - New screenshots

Electronic Arts published a batch of new The Sims 3 screenshots. Check them below.

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Supercalifragili3584d ago

More of the same. But good screens.

Supercalifragili3584d ago

When this will be realeased?

Piece Of Spooge 33584d ago

this copy looks so realistic.

i read the blacks in the game will steal your belongings if you turn your back on them.

TIKUP3584d ago

anyone know when this comes out?? looks pretty cool to me

MK_Red3584d ago

It's coming out in Feb.
I don't know but it's just the Sims 2 with more simplified controls and management. A casualized version of a casual game.

poindat3583d ago

Actually, its big draw is having a truly open enviroment. For example, there will be no load times when you leave your house and visit a community lot. It is all just one big enviroment. Sounds good to me.

pp3584d ago

Looks way better than PS3 home.

doshey3584d ago

i knew opening this i would see a comment saying this, and what u know its dumba$$ pp who doesnt have a clue about what hes talking about, so lets do a run down, Sims:video game about living a virtual life, Home:not a game, reason it was made so the psn community can communicate with other psn users, last time i checked ur not doing that in the sims 3 so how the hell do u figure u can compare the two

LeonSKennedy4Life3583d ago


That means it looks 100 times better than your avatars, right?

Strife Lives3584d ago

I dont have a pc for gaming,but its a 2,2ghz dual core, 2gigs ram and a Geforce 9400Gt. Would this run it on max?

TheIneffableBob3583d ago

It should run it well. The Sims 3 shouldn't be a demanding game.

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