Overwatch 2's Kiriko Cosmetics Take Five Years to Unlock Without Microtransactions

Overwatch 2 hero Kiriko's cosmetics take five years of grinding without microtransactions, players have discovered.

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SullysCigar59d ago

Such a vile practice.

You pray on the weak and foolish, I'll skip your game. It's that simple.

Duke1959d ago

Is this worse than simply locking it behind a microtransaction completely? I feel like the "5 years" is the triggering aspect here, but I feel like a TON of games lock cosmetic shit behind a microtransaction and that is the only way to get it?

SullysCigar59d ago

Nobody's grinding for 5 years for cosmetics, so the two scenarios are the same thing, as far as I'm concerned.

Duke1959d ago

^^ I think paying for cosmetics is stupid period, but isn't this very common practice for a bunch of these types of games? In typical N4G, this is just another post of "ILL NEVER PLAY THIS GAME" keyboard brigading, but i was genuinely curious if Overwatch was that different from other titles?

I personally dont care/dont play Overwatch but do find the anger over paid cosmetics funny.

SullysCigar59d ago

^ Oh yeah, it's hilarious. Ouch. My sides just split. -_-

FlavorLav0159d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Agreed. I was a huge day 1 fan of the original Overwatch. I won’t be going near this half sequel stuffed with MTs and no sense of real in-game progression without cracking my wallet every time I see something in game I’d like for my characters. No thanks, all good.

kneon58d ago

It's a free to play game, did you expect to get all the cosmetics for free instantly? They have to make money somehow, making money off of completely irrelevant cosmetics should be the least objectionable way to do so

Relientk7759d ago

I don't understand how anyone can be ok with this. This is just evil.

Ray_moondo59d ago

it's a costume for a video game dude. reel it in

FlavorLav0159d ago (Edited 59d ago )

For now it’s just A costume…surely you don’t think this will be the only or last example of this practice going forward…

Just another great example of games being turned into slot machines, with no real reason to make a true sequel in the future. Just keep the battle passes rolling in, right?

Soulsborne59d ago

It was just horse armor dude! Reel it in.

neutralgamer199259d ago


That's how it all started with horse armor, which turned into online passes, and now everything we use to unlock while playing has been turned into micro transactions

Cheat codes went away because there is a market of casuals who are willing to pay. It use to be if a game was hard just enter cheat codes and enjoy but now the games have been made so grindy that publishers know their game progress is slow so they are selling XP boosters

So please don't say it's just cosmetic. The so called cosmetics have messed up so many games and now affect major releases like halo infinite too

lodossrage59d ago

See, most people here see the problem here.

@Ray-moondo - when you say things like "it's only cosmetics", that's what gives corporations the conviction to push more and more in regard to what they can get away with.

Everyone keeps bringing up the horse armor things because it was a major flashpoint to how things are ran in the industry now. Because there weren't enough people that cared about what could happen, we now have games being cut into microstrasaction madness and battle passes all over the place.

Stop giving corporations cover by saying "it's a costume".

gangsta_red59d ago

How long has it been since horse armor? I think this is now the gaming standard and not some new thing we have to watch out for and rally against.

Time to stop being outraged at an industry standard.

I mean, it really is as simple as "it's just a costume"...either pay to get it, grind to get it or don't get it at all.

Christopher59d ago

***when you say things like "it's only cosmetics", that's what gives corporations the conviction to push more and more in regard to what they can get away with.***

And when they have, we've pushed back.

-Foxtrot59d ago



One day it's horse armour

"Ahh come on, it's not THAT bad"

Next thing you know you get this shit

If you don't stand for something, you'll end up falling for anything.

Angyobangyo58d ago

It's a cOsTuMe fOr a vIdEo gAmE DuDe. ReEl iT In.

There’s always that one person that doesn’t understand how predatory this is.

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XiNatsuDragnel59d ago

Evil just pure evil imo. Backlash is a needed rn.

Eonjay59d ago ShowReplies(1)
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JEECE59d ago

This is a bad practice, but if people would just stop caring about cosmetics, this issue would go away.

lodossrage59d ago


I'm not so sure about that. I think rather than go away, the issue will just be pushed into some other facet of gaming. They'll never stop trying to find methods to drain anyone willing to be fleeced.

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