How PlayStation Stars Compares to Microsoft Rewards

Although Sony's PlayStation Stars loyalty program is similar to Microsoft Rewards, there are several differences that help it stand out.

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Jin_Sakai122d ago

So in theory which one is better?

Orchard122d ago

Pretty much the same I'd say, the only real difference is in favor of MS Rewards - you can get store credit and gift cards for other stores, so you aren't required to go re-spend your rewards in their store.

Eonjay121d ago

Reward program wars?
You may be interested to know that the precursor for PlayStation Stars was actually Sony Rewards which predates MS Rewards..

Just kidding 😂I know you guys don't care for anything but one-upmanship

lonewolf10122d ago

For me MSoft rewards as you get those on PC, otherwise are they that different in the grand scheme of things?

S2Killinit122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

If 20 PS Stars points is $1
and 1 MS Reward point is $0.001

That means every PS Stars = $0.05
While every MS reward = $0.001

Stated differently:
20 Stars =$1
1000 rewards=$1

On other hand MS allows you to earn points more readily and using their other non-gaming products.
So you are earning more points but your points are worth less.

So it really comes down to the individual and what they are willing (or want) to do to earn points, and what they can with the points.

Silly gameAr122d ago

PS Stars is just an evolution of Sony Rewards. It's pretty much the same thing, but they made it better.

koga88122d ago

Barely a competition. PlayStation Stars offers some fun little challenges and visual rewards but as for actual rewards, unless something changes, the amount of money players need to spend to get even the cheapest item is ridiculous. Microsoft Rewards points can be earned without even using an Xbox as "Bing" searches and various computer challenges provide plenty of points that can easily earn $10 a month.

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rippermcrip122d ago

If I had to pay Google $10 a month to be able to use their search engine vs use Bing for free... I'd pay Google.

Crows90122d ago

Lol obviously. But his point is not to use bing but to do 20 or so generic searches and you've maxed your points for the day. Rinse and repeat...literally takes 2 minutes or less.

EvertonFC122d ago

Bing is shite but I still wouldn't pay £10 for Google every month to use a search engine pmsl.

Crows90122d ago

With Ms rewards you do a bunch of clicking and in a month will get enough to pay for gamepass for PC.

I personally think neither is that great but one is definitely a more brain dead system while the other actually forces you to do something game related.

ChubbyBlade122d ago

I didn’t even know there was a stars program