MWII Launch Gameplay Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

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alb189951d ago

That card of buying exclusive content from Activision is one that Sony will not be able to play animore so enjoy the time left.


I don’t think anybody cares about that skin

Mr_cheese51d ago

Calm down Alb, just enjoy the trailer

CaptainHenry91651d ago

I don't know why Sony will exclusive content when this game is a dumpster and trash 🤔

Mobis-New-Nest51d ago

Show some respect, you're talking about the greatest game ever made by mankind, this set the bar in story telling, game mechanic's, voice acting and realistic graphics that no game as yet to match to date. This game will outsell Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Fornite, Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy Series, God of War, take any game made and sold in the last 40 years and put them all together and Modern Warfare 2 will outsell them all combined, that is how much dedication and many loyal fans this game has built for over a decade. Fall on your knees and kiss at the feet of this Titan. Amen.

alb189950d ago

SONY, buying exclusivity content of my favorite game. But soon it won't happen again.

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TheEnigma31351d ago

I bet they get rid of that "controversial" mission in this one where in the original they gave you the option.

Fishy Fingers51d ago

The campaigns have different story lines. They're not remakes.

frostypants51d ago

Pretty stupid that they named them the same as prior games tbh. There was no need to other than to cash in on the name recognition of those entries. The original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 were the pinnacle of the series.

EazyC51d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they have at least one controversial mission. Maybe one where you inadvertently kill civilians.

CrimsonWing6951d ago

Man… I’ve been out of CoD loop from some time, but the graphical fidelity of this game looks impressive af.

frostypants51d ago

They've always been pretty. It's everything else about them that is the problem.

alb189950d ago

What is the problem?
Is the most popular game in your favorite console. COD doesn't have to like you but definitely it is so popular because of a lot of good stuff....much more than bad.

FPS_D3TH51d ago

Almost always enjoy the cod campaigns. MW2019 campaign was excellent. I’m sure this one will be just as entertaining and hopefully memorable

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