eFootball 2023 version 2.1.0 update patch notes

Version 2.1.0 update patch is now live at eFootball 2023 on all its platforms and here are the complete patch notes.

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EvertonFC59d ago

Excellent footie game but let down by fans who actually want to play as there team.
I play as Everton's starting 11 and I'm always playing online Vs the world and you basically get you're assed kicked cause everyone has all the best players in there team.
Why can't we just have a footie game with the original teams ffs without all this packs shite.

1nsomniac59d ago

There is an option to play as the real teams however it is limited. The game is designed around creating dream teams though.

EvertonFC59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Yeah I get that fella just annoys me lol, whatever happened to footie fans wanting to play as there own teams.
I guess it's f2p so fair enough tbh and like you said it's based on dream teams.
Also annoyed there in no Frank lampard as manager yet ffs haha.
Edit: do we know if there adding a traditional campaign season like premiership single player?
I'm hoping they can do a custom league allowing the player to choose the teams they want in there league etc and some cup competitions.

1nsomniac59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

They always said some form of single player master league was in the pipeline but there’s been no mention of that in ages now so I’m starting to think that may not happen.