GTA 5’s Trevor, Steven Ogg, sends “annoyed, berating” vid to GTA 6 fan

GTA 5 Trevor actor Steven Ogg has sent a Cameo video to one GTA 6 and Rockstar fan who describes his response about the sandbox game as “annoyed” and “berating”

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porkChop112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

I mean you're asking him to go in character, rather than be himself. He's on Cameo as Steven Ogg, not Trevor Philips. Then you ask him to send a message to the protagonists of GTA 6, referencing locations and such, all of which we aren't supposed to know about. We only know about it because of a massive leak. Steven probably acted the way he did because it was in poor taste.

Edit: According to someone in the video's comments Hugo previously got Steven to do a cameo as Trevor. Steven apparently did it but also made it clear he wasn't happy about having to go into character. So Hugo already knew he wasn't supposed to ask for these kinds of cameos. That's just disrespectful. Steven is a human being not your personal zoo exhibit.

Terry_B112d ago

The actor got paid for it, its probably what he does for a living sometimes

SDuck112d ago

I agree but he also took the money for this one just to b*tch about it. Could've done what was paid for AND THEN leave the annoyed message for the dude to understand. Still a d*ck move from the youtuber to annoy someone after warning. Both in the wrong in this situation

CBaoth112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

I was ready to agree with you until payment was mentioned. $140 for a two minute vid? Steve Ogg is a nobody actor whose only semi known now because of said role Trevor. Embrace it Steven. So you're mad because you're typecasted? Get over it. In 2-3 years you won't have to worry about the popularity. GTA6 will launch and you can regress into obscurity.

Wonder what he'll think in 5 years when a kid in passing says he looks like Trevor from GTA5 lol

deleted112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

I went to Steven Ogg's Cameo, and I found that he often a) insults the person he's sending the videos to and b) says "I don't get this" when people start talking about video games, tv shows etc. This is the Cameo persona he seems to have created, almost "Buy an insult from Steven Ogg!" 100% of his reviews are positive, so people knew what they were getting into.

You're not paying him enough money here to do character work. Studios pay better for that kind of thing. You're paying to get a personalized insult from Steven Ogg. Watching these, if I had the money, I think it would be pretty fun to send one of these insulting videos to a friend! haha

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Profchaos112d ago

Yeah the video made it clear he keeps pestering the actor to do more in character videos despite the actor clearly stating he doesn't like to do that.

He's clearly happy to send a message to a fan of his as himself Steven ogg but doesn't want to play out your fantasies for you.

I think he forgets this guy has had a career outside of a gta game he performed on almost a decade ago.

Add to this the dialogue wow it's so cringe induced I wouldn't want to say it either.

goldwyncq112d ago

Steven Ogg could've just declined if he didn't want to do it instead of throwing a tantrum.

mastershredder112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Really lame. Way to try to turn it into a publicity stunt with a overly-thirty and quick to sellout, opportunistic (not said lightly) vo actor. Trevor was a fun character, however actors that milk characters or IP/character this long belong in the convention signing hells that they frequent.

Lame vids, worse is Ogg keeps doing them. No $urpirse.

moomoo319112d ago

Hes funny 😂. He plays the same type character in westworld.