WorthPlaying: Neverland Card Battles Review

WorthPlaying writes: "In the mind of J.M. Barrie, creator of the beloved "Peter Pan" stories, Neverland was a magical realm of boyish adventure where you never had to grow up. In the imagination of Neverland Card Battles creators Idea Factory, however, it seems that Neverland is just another generic anime fantasy realm, filled with dark elves and your typical, boring ancient evils.

I came into Neverland Card Battles with no ideas or impressions of the Neverland universe, and I left it with just about as much. The game does little to make you care about its dull cast of anime misfits. Even the arrogant gambler, Galahad, who serves as the plot's protagonist, does nothing but spout pithy moralistic sayings, get trapped in his gambling addiction, and kick some card-battling butt. The others trapped in the game's setting, the vast and deep ruins of Hellgaia's shrine, are just as cheap and one-dimensional, only they're much easier to hate after the first six or seven times a particularly vicious one shows you just how cheap he can be."

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