An X-Men Retro Collection Would Rival TMNT's Cowabunga Collection

The Cowabunga Collection is one of the best retro collections ever. Another '90s pop culture hit, the X-Men, could comprise a similar collection.

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darthv72125d ago

Im not so sure. There was only 1 arcade beat em up and the others were fighters. The home games werent that memorable.

autobotdan125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

The Home xmen games on snes and genesis made by Capcom and Sega were all memorable good

Knightofelemia125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Side action beat em up is the way to go Xmen only have one cabinet I know of that was done by Konami and I have the arcade game on my PS3. Turtles have two arcade cabinets Turtles has always been a beatem up on the NES, SNES and Genesis minus the first game on the NES. Most of the XMEN games are side scrolling platformers or shitty one offs by LJN. You can't rival side action beatem ups with platformers.

Terry_B125d ago

The Author clearly didnt play the 8-16 bit Marvel games. (Most of them sucked)

lodossrage125d ago

Yeah, the x-men game on the nes was ridiculously bad.

And even the snes and genesis games, while they were ok, they aren't games we think of fondly as favorites (well barring this author anyway lol).

HeliosHex125d ago

They were not as good as you might think. Please don't give them ideas.

CrimsonWing69125d ago

I guess… I mean the 2 Sega games were good, I think.

ZeekQuattro124d ago

Spider-man and the X-Men was mediocre at best but X-Men 2 Clone Wars was actually pretty good especially in the sound department.

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The story is too old to be commented.