Microsoft Acquisition of Activision-Blizzard Has Been Approved in Brazil

The saga regarding Microsoft's acquisition of Activision-Blizzard is still on-going, but the deal has just been approved in Brazil!

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Orchard54d ago

First country (that we know of) that Sony filed complaints in, and they fell on deaf ears I guess.

darthv7254d ago

I dont know what it is but Im picturing this approval process like in Dodgeball. Where Chuck Norris casts the deciding vote.

"Thank you Chuck Norris"

GamerRN54d ago

I'm picturing a fair evaluation of s company trying to use anti competition laws against their competitors to try to maintain a funny market share.

If Nintendo can beat everyone without Call of Duty but Sony can't, then Sony should step up their game.

itsmebryan54d ago

Exactly. Sony has their own studios, why can't they make a new "Killzone" or something instead of trying to mess up someone else deal. Plus, there are a world full of developers that make FPS so, having COD is not a monopoly.. Sony 8s being ridiculous. Smh

Neonridr54d ago

"fuc$ing Chuck Norris..."

jimmy28953d ago

They stated in perfectly. The regulatory bodies aren't there to protect Sony's marketshare. They are probably thinking Sony is outselling Xbox 2 to 1 or 3 to one in some countries and their gaming revenue is higher than Xbox. Why are they complaining? Nintendo is doing fine without activision or blizzard.

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Orchard54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Now that the full text is available... there are some interesting tidbits:

"Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the central objective of CADE's activities is the protection of competition as a means of promoting the well-being of Brazilian consumers, and not the defense of the particular interests of specific competitors."

"In this sense, although it is recognized that part of the users of PlayStation consoles (from Sony) could decide to migrate to Xbox in the event that Activision Blizzard games - and especially Call of Duty– become exclusive to the Microsoft ecosystem, SG/Cade does not believe that such a possibility represents, in itself, a risk to competition in the console market as a whole."

It seems that they are unconvinced that people potentially migrating console is a risk to competition. Also, the first sentence is a pretty huge rebuke of Sony's attempts/comments.

@darth 😂🤣 Also a great movie.

darthv7254d ago (Edited 54d ago )

IF (big if) MS were to make CoD exclusive... what is there to stop PS fans from continuing to be PS fans? I mean the PS is not the sum of one game. it is the sum of all of their collective efforts like God of War, Horizon, GT... etc. One series does not a successful console make. No matter how popular it is. Personally, I don't play it, so it isnt that appealing to me. I play PS because of other games like Killzone or Resistance. something that is fantasy, not reality. If PS fans end up buying an XB to play CoD... fine by me. Welcome to the multiplatform club. We have Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Orchard54d ago

@darth Yeah I agree. I really don't see CoD going exclusive, especially Warzone (F2P exclusive games just don't make sense).

But if it did, I don't see many people saying "screw PS I'm going to buy an Xbox", people buy a console for many games, not just one, and I'd say the biggest allure of a PS is the first party titles, not Call of Duty.

Christopher54d ago

*** what is there to stop PS fans from continuing to be PS fans?***

Being a PS fan and Sony making less money due to the competition buying up the biggest third-party game along with other major games isn't the same thing. Do you think only people on Playstation right now are just PS Fans? Mainstream gamers aren't "fans" and they decide the market. Why would mainstream gamers who play mostly CoD stay on PS5 if they can't get access to CoD?

By your logic, SEGA Genesis should be kicking around because there are still fans of it. That's not how it works and I feel like you know this but you want to make this about a specific group of people rather than how the market works.

I was a fan of Windows Phone, why didn't Microsoft keep them around so I can keep supporting them?

I can't even with this line of thought.

Crows9054d ago (Edited 54d ago )


You assume that gamers as whole side on one side over another due to exclusives. In Europe PlayStation is more popularity due to renown not necessarily its exclusives. If cod disappears from PlayStation so will a steady 5-10million players. There are many gamers out there that play only sports and cod or cod like games. Those people make up the majority. That majority will move to a console with the game they want... especially one as consistently successful in that market as cod. It's also like making grand theft auto exclusive to one console. Imagine.

But then you guys use the multi console ownership reasoning. But that doesn't add up since then the same people spout nonsense regarding the expensive remakes. If gaming is an expensive hobby then what makes anyone thing that people can just afford all the consoles every single generation. Or better yet...what makes anyone thing that the mainstream gamer cares enough to own more than one console?

Extermin8or3_54d ago

Funnily enough this migration you refer ti is what both eu and uk regulators cite in their decision to take matters further. They correctly view this as a threat to competition in the console industry and Microsoft acquiring effectively a monopoly going forwards. Also the fact still remains that activisionngames sell 4th most on Microsoft platforms so this is not a natural acquisition this is one aimed at taking out the competition.

Neonridr54d ago

@Christopher - judging by the comments of several people on N4G, it sounds like a lot of Sony fans are only Sony fans.

I doubt this acquisition is going to affect the major 3rd party games from being absent on a Playstation. It'll be the smaller studios or brand new IPs that might skip the PS5.

anubusgold53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@Christopher No sega died because they were stupid they released hardware and abandoned it the next year. They released all those addons and had no games for it. i was a sega fanboy back in the day and they made alot of stupid decisions that killed the company. And the sega saturn sold for like 600 dollars in alot of places and sega also pissed off alot of 3rd party developers their games looked like trash compared to the playstation version. And they never sent software or developers to show people how to use the crossfire like set up with the sega saturn no developers knew how to get the two part processor set up to work so they used the lazy way and only used one processor and ignored the second one making games look far worse on saturn when it was more powerful than the playstation if used correctly.

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sparky7754d ago

"As already seen, Nintendo does not currently rely on any content from Activision Blizzard to compete in the market. In turn, Sony has several predicates which should contribute to maintaining the competitiveness of PlayStation in a possible post-Operation scenario"

Sony can't complain about facts.

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Bobertt54d ago

It's Brazil they are known for being stupid and corrupt. Their former President literally got arrested and went to jail for corruption but the Supreme court who was full of mostly his people overturned the conviction on a technicality a year later and he got to run for President again and these idiots voted for him even though they even say they believe he did do the things he was convicted for.

merlox53d ago

Microsoft is worth more Sony. It always goes that way. You know the old phrase "Money talks, BS walks". That sums it up. Microsoft's next acquisition should be either Square Enix or maybe even SEGA. I would like to see Microsoft get SEGA. I've always been a SEGA fanboy from the Master System to the Dreamcast. But, we know that may never happen.

anubusgold53d ago

And sony making developers sign contracts not to put games on game pass so they can charge 70 dollars is just stupid and makes sonys case just look petty and greedy.

GhostTurtle53d ago

LMFAO @ THE DOWN VOTES.....You fools are salty as fuck....

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Christopher54d ago

I mean...

Why would they say no? They don't care about Activision/Blizzard, but they absolutely care about keeping Microsoft in the country for their own IT needs and jobs.

Orchard54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

That'll probably apply to most of the world too. MS is in bed with a lot of governments, whether that's through the economy & jobs they create, or through government partnerships (e.g. the Azure and military deals they have with the US govt).

I think the reality is, most governments don't really care about games/gaming at all. It's still seen as a 'silly little thing' or 'hobby' and not a serious business/industry as far as they're concerned.

The EU will be the interesting one IMO.

Christopher54d ago

I think having larger game development business markets might hold them to the flame more. The UK, parts of the EU. But, in the end, it will probably happen. Not that I agree with it, but the EU only has intentions of going hard against Apple and Google, not Microsoft.

I think in 5 years' time we will experience the largest game industry change since the late 90s.

Orchard54d ago

Agreed, Also on "I think in 5 years' time we will experience the largest game industry change since the late 90s."

Definitely. The other thing worth keeping an eye on on the EU front is their review of app stores & digital storefront revenue splits. If they do ultimately rule that 'closed ecosystems' must allow other stores to exist, and/or that they cannot take a 30% cut - the games industry is going to under-go some serious change there.

e.g. Does it even make sense to sell a subsidized console if you can't make it all back in that 30% cut? Sure you can sell services, but it still won't come close to 30% of everything sold digitally, including MTX. You can guarantee day 1 Fortnite is leaving the PS/Xbox stores, at least for MTX - that will be a big blow financially.

Definitely interesting times ahead for the industry.

Extermin8or3_54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Yeah but a country like the uk or the eu has the clout to say no and know MS isn't going anywhere. @christopher below the uk isn't part of the eu anymore.

343_Guilty_Spark53d ago

Has nothing to do with that. Sony, the market leader, would need to make a case on how the acquisition hurts competition.

Christopher54d ago

Whoooo! Corporation cheerleading?!?


I'm cheering for competition! Now Sony has dig through their treasure trove of forgotten IPs (Killzone, SOCOM, Warhawk, Starhawk, Resistance, M.A.G, Infamous, Sly Cooper etc.) if they want to compete with COD and Diablo....something that would have never happened if they weren't put under pressure to do so.

Christopher54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

***if they want to compete with COD and Diablo....something that would have never happened if they weren't put under pressure to do so.***

You're cheering for them to compete with games they were already competing against? You do realize why they moved away from those IPs, right? Because they competed by making other, better games, that wasn't heavily monopolized by major third-party publishers. Sony made Tomb Raider change her stripes and created the future of story-driven third-person shooters.

Whooo for doing the thing they've been doing and YAY for Microsoft buying up the competition instead of doing what you are telling Sony to do?

Why the double standard?


@Christopher No double standard on my end. I’m not one of these gamers that only consume “organic” goods. I don’t care “how” you get content on your ecosystem, I just care about the final product. Playstation can buy Capcom and Square Enix tomorrow and Id be happy for them as these acquisitions will secure their future in the gaming industry.

Tacoboto54d ago

"You're cheering for them to compete with games they were already competing against?"

Sony effectively abandoned the entire FPS genre the instant they got COD marketing rights and their single player games have nearly all adopted Ubisoft-like open-world mechanics.

One look at their portfolio, it's clear they've actively avoided making any products that directly compete with the third party cash cows that rake in the most MTX dollars.

Christopher54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

***it's clear they've actively avoided making any products that directly compete with the third party cash cows that rake in the most MTX dollars.***

I mean... do you know how business works? Seems Sony did well by not competing with their biggest cash cows and supporting them instead:

But, hey, it's all sunshine now: https://www.insiderintellig...

Let alone that "competing" with other companies doesn't mean make an FPS to compete against their FPS. It means make games that sell well and make you a ton of money. They did that to compete with CoD since no one has been able to dethrone it (but apparently buying it is the same thing as complaining about Sony not doing the thing no one else has done).

Tacoboto54d ago

"Seems Sony did well by not competing with their biggest cash cows"

Well, Jim's taking that truth proudly around the globe trying to manipulate regulatory bodies to vote in favor of what benefits PlayStation.

Easier to argue you can't compete with COD when you've made zero products even close to similar.

"It means make games that sell well and make you a ton of money."

Silly me thinking Horizon FW was closely competing with Elden Ring and other open world games, it was actually going after COD this whole time. Revelatory.

Jin_Sakai54d ago

“Whoooo! Corporation cheerleading?!?“

More like cheerleading that gamers won’t have to fork out $70 for another Activison/Blizzard game.

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KillBill54d ago

Whooooo! Cheerleading for getting a better ABK than what we have now. Cheerleading for developers actually being allowed to develop without worry about the crap they have been seeing with Activision in the past. Cheerleading the highly likely and inevitable removal of Bobby Kotick once this is all done and finalized. Cheerleading for Sony (current big bad corporate game leader) being laughed at for thinking they could prevent competition from happening. (and not just under their idea of rules)

MontyeKristo53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

What's funny, off topic a bit, is that everyone complained for years for MS to get some games, always saying "Where's the games!?" Now they are getting some and everyone is mad and bitter. They jumped the gun and bought some existing companies, with their own studios, and several IPs instead of building from scratcy.. All of these game studios could build upon those several IPs or go on and create all new IPs.

It's just sad that everyone thinks this is really making things non-competitive. It's honestly just evening the playing field. They are more so now than ever on an even playing field than they've ever been with Sony and even Nintendo.

Everyone was so happy about Sony and their 20 some studios making games. Right now on a Google search, Sony owns 19 studios (not counting any 2nd party or exclusive 3rd party companies) and MS owns 23 - after the Bethesda acquisition. They will own 5 more if the Activision-Blizzard deal goes through.

So, between AB and Bethesda, MS purchased roughly 13 studios. 23 - 13 = 10. MS had 10, Sony has 19. It wasn't competitive before, look at console sale numbers.

Quit whining.

53d ago
Wrex36953d ago Show
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MrDead54d ago

Why are you whooping the removal of another publisher from competing systems? You're literally celebrating a tax dodging tech giant buying up huge parts of the multiplatform gaming industry not to make games but to remove them from competition.
Has any company done anything more anti gamer than what Ms is doing to the industry right now?

MrDead54d ago


You do know MS isn't gaining any games that wasn't already coming to it's systems by grabbing multiplatform publishers, they are spending billions to remove games from competition... and to you this isn't anti gamer!?! Time to drop the fanboy glasses and look at what's happening.

D4RC54d ago

Yeah, Sony. They're famous for it. Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, even going as far as paying developers to keep their games off of Xbox. Horrendous company.

MrDead54d ago


...are you trying to compare single titles that were funded by platform holder to buying entire multiplatform publishers?

mkis00753d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Its like they dont want new games and ip's. Xbox had enough money to create 5x as many devs as they bought. But no they took devs and rebranded them as their own. The number of new games that could have come from their own studios being created is infuriating.

All that happens now is the games we were already getting appear in one less place.

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TheGreatGazoo3054d ago

As it should. There is nothing a out this deal that creates a monopoly or an anti-competitive environment.

Sciurus_vulgaris54d ago

Exactly, an example of a hypothetical anti-competitive merger/acquisition would be either any of the tech giants (MS, Apple, Google and Amazon) combing.

Crows9054d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Umm. We're talking about video games ...not generic tech term.

In video games they just gobbled up zenimax and almost EA and Activision. These are some of the biggest publisher with tons of employees and resources.

In the meantime Sony, as usual is purchasing single developer teams.

Neonridr54d ago

@Crows90 - and that's their choice to do so.

Christopher54d ago

***or an anti-competitive environment.***

Just look at FTV v Facebook and you'll see that it doesn't need a monopoly or even full control.

I mean, there are tons of social media apps and sites, so how can Facebook be considered anti-competitive for just buying up some more of itself? Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, so on and so on. Why is FTC going after Facebook then?

Because anti-competitive was updated in 2015 by the FTC to include unfair advantages through similar means, and it's up to FTC to determine if this is something Microsoft is doing now before the FTC steps in a decade down the road to try and fix something that they now consider bad for the competition similar to what they're doing with Facebook now.

I'm certain those who disagree will disagree, but those are the facts on why it's being argued at all. It's because it's not about "monopoly" anymore but unfair competition.

Tacoboto54d ago

FTC vs Facebook, the very opening of the Case Summary from the link you provided:

"The Federal Trade Commission has sued Facebook, alleging that the company is illegally maintaining its personal social networking monopoly through a years-long course of anticompetitive conduct"

Am I missing something here? Because it seems to say pretty clearly that the FTC's case is based around Facebook being, according to the statement, a monopoly.

TheGreatGazoo3054d ago

AFTER the acquisition MS would be the 3rd largest gaming company, still behind Sony. Will it create an u fair market? No. MS isn't going to start charging $100 for games or charging developers an insane high % to publish on Xbox.

Wrex36953d ago

I want ABK games on gamepass. Idgaf about anything else. If it makes Sony work harder you'll thank us. If it creates better games for Xbox we'll be happy. If they have to work under a better corporate work standard and ethics policy and improves their internal harassment issues good deal. Not a single person can tell me 4th place Xbox is now first place because of ABK or that it even gets them close. Concern trolls,

All of you.

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Ryuk_200754d ago

"In this sense, although it is recognized that part of the users of PlayStation consoles (from Sony) could decide to migrate to Xbox in the event that Activision Blizzard games - and especially Call of Duty– become exclusive to the Microsoft ecosystem, SG/Cade does not believe that such a possibility represents, in itself, a risk to competition in the console market as a whole".

One step closer to having every COD available via Gamepass.