The Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel Announcement Proves That Hard Work Pays Off

Game Rant Writes "Cyberpunk 2077 had a turbulent start, but through consistent hard work, CD Projekt Red has been able to turn it into a very successful IP."

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Crows9054d ago

Turbulent because if upper managements mishandling of the entire process. It was a good game at its core from the start but needed more time baking.

Tacoboto54d ago

It's been nearly two years; if you still hold a grudge against CDPR it's time to stop giving them your attention and mindshare.

RPGer54d ago

I don't care about it anymore, but I care to deny such quality and such a very bad product delivering. Because, people been skeptical about the wrong doing of Add ons, in result of that, now there are tons of options to buy silly add ons, things as silly as XP in SP games, another are all king of MTs, these things combined created a very rich environment for companies to create a very bad type games such as GAAS. If people vote against these thing and denied it, we wouldn't getting half as bad as these games today. We would even get a newer GTA instead of waiting for 3 generations.

bad practices caused a negative effect in the the industry

Godmars29054d ago

Its that this announcement means that they haven't learned anything. If the game release in the same state as 2077, it'll show it.

They've issued a challenge to themselves and most definitely need to be held accountable for it - thing is- tey already know how to get out of it.

Christopher53d ago

They abandoned their engine for Unreal which was the biggest hurdle in their development and why they had to make drastic changes. I think they are responding well to the challenge by cutting out the biggest technical issue

Furthermore, people have left and new leadership is being implemented. Another hurdle at least updated if not removed.

It's really an up in the air situation here as it's not the exact same game as we had with Cyberpunk 2077.

We're really in a wait and see scenario with it all up to CDPR to prove themselves all over again. But at least they are doing things differently.

isarai54d ago

My problem isnt even so much the launch, my gripe is the nearly weekly comments following, telling us we're not seeing what we're obviously seeing. Comments suggesting the PC version is perfect, and that it's perfectly playable on current gen consoles, just a bit rougher than they wanted. It was a broken mess, but they repeatedly treated everyone like they were blind a dumb with their half assed damage control. I wouldn't have even cared if they just apologized and fixed it, but now i don't even want it. Really don't care how cheap it gets, im not supporting the guy talking as if we're all a bunch of morons.

CS754d ago

Developers need to know that you can’t just blatantly lie to us and we just forget it.

It is one thing to release an unfinished game its another thing to actively hide review footage on consoles until after launch while saying it runs surprisingly well, when in reality it is hitting 15 fps.

dolfa54d ago

I agree. The lying is why I will never trust the company again. If you see on YouTube the initial gameplay video and what was released I'm surprised the company wasn't law suited into bankruptcy. The features they still promised are still not there to this day btw

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Star5154d ago

Love this. I have nearly every piece of merchandise CDP has released for this series. Definitely supporting this. Love the genre and lore and hoping that this was the lesson they needed to get it right from the start.

SenorFartCushion54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

You do know companies like this perform risk assessments so they can plan ahead for things like disastrous launches, right?

These idiots advertised a game 6 years before actually making it. That’s weird.

They insulted modern day AAA practices while also planning for CP to be live service.

I don’t understand why people are calling this a success story. It sold 20 million copies, but they were aiming for 120 million.

lucian22954d ago

gross; game is still a half vision of what it was supposed to be; third person was still rushed out and removed; the entire base is nothing like it was supposed to be, cops still have worse AI than that of GTA3 because they teleport behind you to give chase no matter your vantage point.

Is the sequel going to be the actual full vision or more rushed trash, being mainly DLC but at price of a sequel?

VenomUK53d ago

@lucian229 I'm looking forward to playing this at some point in the future. The issue about teleporting police and the silly quirks- didn't the mega patch fix all this?

lucian22953d ago

nope, that is literally a feature of the game because they don't want to actual make good AI.

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