Hogwarts Legacy Missing the Halloween Release Window is a Wasted Opportunity

Game Rant Writes "Hogwarts Legacy now has a confirmed release date of February 2023, which is a bit of a shame as it seems like the perfect Halloween accompaniment."

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Muigi62d ago

If its not ready its not ready.

andy8562d ago

No it isn't. Releasing it unfinished would be the missed opportunity

anast62d ago

As a cultural phenomenon, Harry Potter isn't tied to holidays. Maybe influencers, streamers, and game journos would be able to cash in on something festive, but any day of the year is an opportunity for an IP like this.

phoenixwing62d ago

Exactly. If it was only bought because of the season that would make it a subpar game to begin with

Angyobangyo62d ago

Seems like the person has been drinking too much pumpkin spice latte.

F0XHOUND62d ago

Sometimes i just wish Final Fantasy XV was released on Christmas day, the disappointment of it being shit would've been far less an issue if it was on that day. Now news this really promising looking game wont release during the Halloween holidays has just ruined my year :( I just hate to see a dev send more time refining a game to make it launch in a better state tbh!!