Sonic Frontiers' System Requirements Revealed

Sonic Frontiers' system requirements have recently been updated, the game will efficiently run on low-end PCs.

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Wafflehead157d ago

Pretty low end requirements even by recommended to be honest, maybe with the slight exception of ram requirements. Though that is for 1080p, so obviously GPU requirement goes a bit above a 1070 at higher resolution.

Good-Smurf56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Oh great now I know the gaming laptop I've been eyeing to get can comfortably run this at high settings 1080p 60fps.

CaptainHenry91656d ago (Edited 56d ago )

It recommendeds 12GB of RAM to run smoothly🤔 is that a lot of ram or am I just overreacting

Number1TailzFan56d ago

No, but I wouldn't say it's low end by any means, comfortable average today is about 16gb for gamers, 16gb of DDR4 is very cheap today and has been for a while now. Above average would be 32 in DDR4/5.