Gotham Knights: The Final Preview - IGN

IGN : We went hands on with three hours of Gotham Knights and came away with some conflicting thoughts. Here is our final Gotham Knights preview before it releases on October 21.

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P_Bomb54d ago

Pre-ordered it for my kid so we’re in, come hell or high water.

Tacoboto54d ago

"Fights quickly started to feel very routine, with very similar enemies in every encounter, to the point where I felt like I had to mix up my tactics – not because I was being forced to, but just to try and make things a little more interesting."

This is kind of what I dreaded to read. I felt that way in AC Odyssey and once I hit that wall, that moment of reflection of just why I'm spending my time doing that same feeling chore, where every encounter felt like some minor variation of the last, I dropped it and didn't look back. That feeling's a game killer to me...

GhostScholar54d ago

I felt the same way with odyssey. I thought origins was a much better AC game.

I'll probably play this game, but I'm not very excited for it. To me Arkham origins was the best of the batman arkham games.

Demetrius54d ago

Ikr loved ac origins that was the last good ac game

jznrpg54d ago

Yeah that doesn’t sound very appealing at all. I’m going to wait I just bought a bunch of RPGs and after I get through those I’ll look at the price and check it out.

jeromeface54d ago

I'll wait for suicide squad...

glennhkboy54d ago

Isn't these 2 games are, quite similar?.....