Several PlayStation Studios are making games in Horizon Forbidden West's engine

Decima is Guerrilla Games' in-house engine, first used to make the PS4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall, and later used for games including Horizon Zero Dawn, Until Dawn, and Death Stranding. An updated version of the engine was used to develop Horizon Forbidden West, and it's now being used by multiple PlayStation studios for upcoming games.

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SullysCigar54d ago

Looking at Horizon Forbidden West, that could be great news.

Christopher54d ago

As long as they don't go too crazy with the bounciness of the hair. It's so distracting.

SullysCigar54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Lol yes. Aloy should feature in hair product advertisements. Many women would kill for that bounce.

Pretty gorgeous game in every other regard.

Tacoboto54d ago

Hair Salon Simulator, for if Decima ever gets extended to indie studios.

dumahim54d ago

Hair freaking out and heavy use of edge lighting from non-existent light sources bugged me quite a bit.

-Foxtrot54d ago

Oh sure

I just hope they aren't all open world games with a similar gameplay set up

CS754d ago

Idk I’m a sucker for Sony’s high quality, polished, third person, open world games.

No one else releases at that quality and frequency.

Eonjay54d ago

Decimal is actually the KillZone engine. Greatly modified and enhanced of course. I would love to see a new KillZone type game with this version of the the engine.

Orchard54d ago

Makes sense, standardize upon one internal engine across all your studios as best you can. Also avoids giving money to Epic for UE.

I always thought the ND engine titles looked better than Decima titles though, but perhaps that engine is less flexible than Decima.

Snookies1254d ago

Naughty Dog uses some dark magic with their engine. Only explanation there can be, lol. But yeah, I'd gather that it's not really built for open worlds. Decima still looks incredible though. Excited to see what different studios will utilize it, and what type of games they'll be working on.

dumahim54d ago

Lost Legacy had a pretty open area that was big. Seemed to handle it pretty well.

darthv7254d ago

I often wondered why that didnt happen more often. Meaning using an in house engine from one of the other studios across the board but instead some teams opt to use external ones like ID Tech and UE. Now that MS owns ID and their engine... they still will be using UE for some games. You'd think it would save them development costs by not having to pay for the license to use UE but ... it is what it is.

Orchard54d ago

There's a few things at play there typically:

1. If a studio already has experience and tech/tools built up around UE (think Coalition), the cost to migrate to ID's engine may be very high.

2. Most engines aren't as flexible as Unity and Unreal, in the sense that they were made for a shooter game, have ~20 years of shooter game feature development and therefore aren't suitable for say a racing game or open world game. You could develop the engine into something as extensible as Unreal, but that may be a much bigger investment than just paying Epic.

It's also pretty hard to replicate what UE is doing, and at the pace at which they're doing it, UE is very far ahead of any other engine in the market with things like Nanite and Lumen - and they get ahead of others pretty quickly due to the amount of resources they can dedicate just to engine development - since they are selling their engine unlike Sony/MS studios.

So it'll kinda depend on a per-game and per-studio basis I'd say, across both Sony & MS.

Sony & MS using UE is kinda ironic though, because while Epic may not be a direct competitor to Sony & MS in the console/HW space, they are sort of funding a current/future key competitor indirectly (Tencent).

Rebel_Scum54d ago

Takes a lot of time and money for a dev to learn a new engine. If it's an in-house engine then getting developers from outside your ecosystem have that learning curve to deal with which slows down development.

Profchaos54d ago

Weird though as Sony has invested $1 billion in unreal engine and epic


Orchard54d ago

Yeah, but that's actually nothing in the grand scheme of things. Sony has about 4% of Epic, Tencent has 40%.

Also, even as an investor, they still need to pay licensing fees for UE.

Good-Smurf53d ago

Doesn't mean their studios have to use nothing but UE.
Days Gone used UE4 by the way.

SCW198254d ago

Decima is a beast of an engine.

Orchard54d ago

Sorry but those 10fps waves look AWFUL. Once you see it you can't unsee it.

Oddly, it didn't look like that the last time I played it, maybe they broke them in a patch.

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