PlayStation Stars live in US, but has "random" two-month waitlist for some

From Eurogamer: "Sony's PlayStation Stars membership program has now launched in North and South America, though some fans have been told to expect a waitlist of "about two months" after signing up.

Sign-ups are now live via the PlayStation App and, Sony has said, though new members will accepted on a "rolling basis" and some should expect to be "randomly put on the waitlist".

If you are put on the waitlist, you will be able to gain access "in about two months" from your registration date."

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FinalBoss126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

My mistake.

Neonridr126d ago

I signed up here in Canada and got accepted no problem.

RauLeCreuset126d ago

Only new members are subject to the wait list going by the article. The headline didn't clarify that point.

Neonridr125d ago

I mean by me signing up, wasn't I a new member?

FinalFantasyFanatic125d ago

I was going to say, as far as I know, I signed up in Australia and got accepted right away.

darthv72126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

i used the PS app... signed up no problem. I'm trying to figure out the 'launch a game that matches a 1994 song'. I suck at these types of things because I cant make the connection. Is it game similar to the title or artist of the song or something else?

porkChop126d ago

You just have to launch the game that is similar to the song name. So for the circle of life song, what's a game or game title that has to do with coming back to somewhere/something?

I'll say right now that the Mr Jones x Regulate one makes no sense to me. I don't understand how it's even tied to the game unless the lyrics somehow are.

darthv72126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

So more human than human could be... detroit become human? And circle of life makes me think of lion king but maybe it could be returnal (the coming back to something as you say)

CrimsonWing69126d ago

Anybody figured out the Hit Play/1994 scavenger hunt? I tried googling the songs to see what games they're tied to and it was an epic failure.

darthv72126d ago

I was thinking the more human than human was a nod to detroit become human...?

EvertonFC126d ago

Sitting here in Europe, hurry playstation rewards 🤣😂sounds cool as kinda reminds me of gamers getting together to solve playstation home XI puzzles lol

CrimsonWing69126d ago

Oh dang, I didn’t even think it could be like that. I thought these songs were literally in a game. Lol, now you’re going to have me digging through my library to find possible fits for song titles.

CrimsonWing69125d ago

Were you able to finish the challenge? I downloaded Heavy Rain today and played a little and nothing registered.

AnotherGamer126d ago

From another site, it follows like this.

Stay x Circle of Life - Returnal
Baby I Love Your Way x Go West - Death Stranding: Director’s Cut
Mr. Jones x Regulate - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
More Human Than Human - Detroit: Become Human
Wild Night - Until Dawn
Streets of Philadelphia - Heavy Rain

CrimsonWing69125d ago

You rock, man! I appreciate you posting this.

Silly gameAr125d ago

I have al of those games...Just no space to download them all.

Crows90126d ago

I think it's awesome that this isn't some pathetic senseless click and get points kind of attempt at a reward system. One of the challenges is an actual puzzle which is great

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