WILD HEARTS | 7 Minutes of Gameplay

"Tune in to watch 7 minutes of extended gameplay in the beautiful world of Azuma."

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Silly gameAr126d ago

Game looks hectic as all hell, and there's a million things going on at once, but it looks pretty damn awesome to me. Might need to work on the boss AI a little bit.

LordoftheCritics126d ago

I don't know what build this video was using but the alpha test build I played was janky af.

Lightning77126d ago

Is there a demo or beta out?

LordoftheCritics126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

No its an invitation based playtesting.

I can't say much about it due to NDA but I'm trying to sneak in some comments here and there xD

jznrpg125d ago

Looks potentially great .

repsahj125d ago

If the final game will run like that, I'm in!

BlackDoomAx125d ago

Really like the art style and the music.