Dead Space Remake Comparison: Vast Improvements to Lighting, Geometric Complexity & Particle Effects

The first gameplay trailer débuted yesterday, and now there's already a Dead Space Remake gameplay comparison video, showing the impressive work that the development is putting into this upcoming remake.

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TheExecutioner52d ago

The original one still holds ... can't say it's an unnecessary remake too.

Actual remaking PS3/XBOX 360 doesn't make sense compared to remaking PS2/XBOX generation.

I wish they remade the Medal of Honor, Black, or NFS underground instead.

Army_of_Darkness52d ago

I don't know about that.. This remake got me ridiculously excited! Graphically, this remake is a huge leap from the original in my opinion, which means it's gonna once again jump-scare-the-sh1t out of me!
I'm perfectly fine with this remake since I played it last on ps3 when it first released, so it's been long enough for me to actually want to revisit it.

hiawa2352d ago

It is a huge leap from the PS3/360 image. No doubt, so if they were not going to enhance those games and I am fine with the better looking remake.

FinalFantasyFanatic52d ago

This wasn't a huge improvement for me, if anything, it's surprising that the original DS still looks that good for a PS3 game, I can notice the change in some scenes, but it's not worth buying right away for me.


Looks how I remember, as a remake should

darthv7252d ago

This remake runs at 60fps as it should. Playing through the original at 30 now just doesnt cut it. At least 2 & 3 have FPS boost support on series x. Not sure why they didnt offer it for the first but it is what it is.

lonewolf1052d ago

Engine/code limitation on the first maybe?

DazaMc52d ago

Give me a remake of Burnout 1, 2 & 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.