First day Sales in Japan - WKC sold about 100 K in 1 day

Japanese site ambelo via translation reports that:

-White Night Chronicles sold somewhere around 100,000 on it's first day with a high sell-through rate.
-The supply has been sold out even to whole sellers. Due to it being the year end, Shipments are slower then normal.
-Another Shipment should go out by the weekend.

-Phantasy Star Zero, sold around 40-50,000.

-Pikman and Biohazard sold around 10-20,000.

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IzKyD13313800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

lol, it sold more in it's first day than Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery sold in a week
I think it'll sell over 200K for the week (don't quote me on this though)

Cyrus3653800d ago

Reading reports, that apparently WKC has sold 76% of it's total shipment, and another one is needed by the weekend, or they'll be sellouts allover the place, rather than a few places.

But the initial shipment was lower than normal for a semi anticipated title.

IzKyD13313800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

you would think that a Level 5 developed JRPG published by Sony on Christmas day would be reason enough to have initially shipped more units

morganfell3800d ago

What I really want to see is the impact it will have on Console sales.

Danja3800d ago

In Level 5 I Trust


cayal3800d ago

"you would think that a Level 5 developed JRPG published by Sony on Christmas day would be reason enough to have initially shipped more units"

It's Christmas though. Industries close or slow down a fair bit for awhile.

SonyOwnsNextYear3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

that is what certain companies would like you to believe.

same companies are ignorant to the fact that the world is round and consists of more than just 1 market.


baum3800d ago

I know Square Enix prices Final Fantasy in the very high league, like the equivalent of 90 bucks each, perhaps more now that the dollar is weak. I'm interested in knowing because if that's the case then WKC is definitely a success and that would mean more support for PS3 from Level 5. As long as this game sells a million or so worldwide by next year I think it's more than enough to get more support from them. Half a million would probably be enough for them to break even if prices are higher for this game in Japan (because it's a given that they will be in Europe and GB).

Nathan Drake3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

I came in here just to :)

Homicide3800d ago

Is that even fair? The 360 install in Japan is only like half a million so the attach rate is pretty incredible. Still WKC did pretty good.

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agmsd3799d ago

They surely need a bundle for this game. It will help them move more consoles..

gaffyh3799d ago

lol @CloudsEnd - that was actually pretty funny. Though I was lookinf forward to Cry-On :(. Good sales for WKC, but I'm guessing FF13 sales will be enormous compared to this.

SaiyanFury3799d ago


The PS3 will eventually become the console of choice for quality JRPGs. Lord knows a few of the ones out already are of outstanding quality. Valkyria Chronicles made by the same people who did the amazing Skies of Arcadia, they know RPGs and this is proven in VC's quality and originality. White Knight Chronicles is another quality PS3 title. What JRPGs does the 360 have? Blue Dragon, The Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery? All of those games garnered mediocre reviews despite them being either exclusive or timed exclusives on the 360. Square-Enix is more interested in making money than truly original RPGs anymore, and while I enjoyed Blue Dragon, there wasn't a lot to differentiate it from other JRPGs. It looked good, sure and I liked the characters but it wasn't unique. The PS3 JRPGs coming of late ARE unique and attractive to modern JRPGamers like me. JRPGs on the PS3 will be great. X-Edge is coming in March and I can't express how much I look forward to it.

StephanieBBB3799d ago

But I can't help to think that it's far from the quality of games we expect nowdays. Sure hope the gameplay wins me over.

Kain813799d ago

that they would make Skys of Arcadia for PS3, they announced a WII version, but said in the same sentence that they will make a PS3 version too.

prowiew3799d ago

Thats the worst translation ive read in a long time. I didnt understand a bit. Anyway, if its true that it has sold well. Thats great news to sony. Now they need at least 10 -15 more games that sell well.

ps. its too bad that wkc is getting mediocre reviews. Japanese developers are making trash rpgs games lately.

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morganfell3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

We're in the Open Zone? Someone tell N4G the labels are wrong. Maybe that's why you resorted to a personal attack. You do not know where you are. Now I have to also wish to see people that know the difference between the Open and Gamer zones.

Besides, all one has to do is look here:

It is pretty obvious why you are in a PS3 thread criticizing the game and people that support it. Fear. Fear and desperation. You attack people and say they have no life yet look what you are doing with your time here. Look at your thread history. Scratch that. Introspection and self examination requires a modicum of intellect so I can understand if you are not predisposed to undertake such an endeavor. It's rather like showing up to a gunfight empty handed.

SaiyanFury3799d ago


While I can't find anything concrete to substantiate what you said about Skies of Arcadia 2 being on PS3, I wouldn't doubt it. The same team made Valkyria Chronicles and have never even given a hint about a 360 version. I'd love to see the next game in a series like Skies of Arcadia on PS3. Not only would it be fitting, but it would just feel right. This is a personal opinion here, but considering I've been playing my JRPGs on PS consoles for over a decade now, my 360's controller just doesn't feel right for those kinds of games.

Aquanox3799d ago

I'm not sure why some people here is jumping in joy here. These are worrying numbers for such an important brand combination (Level 5 + Sony PS3)

Just for you to put things in perspective, the long forgotten Xbox 360 (in Japan) moved 108k copies of Tales of Vesperia in its first day of sales. I was expecting WKS to at least double that performance... while not getting close to big names like Dragon Quest (2 million in 1 day) or FF (2 million in 1 week) I still was expecting a much better number from this title. Being outperformed by another RPG in a console wit much much lesser marketshare is worrying... to say the least.

GarandShooter3799d ago

According to this thread:

Tales of vesperia sold 70k on first day in Japan.

The article also mentions sell outs of WKC which will affect numbers. I don't think sales can be reasonably judged at this early stage, for this particular game.

meepmoopmeep3799d ago


yeah, mate, X-Edge looks awesome.
i can't wait to get my hands on WKC.
i wish i could comprehend Japanese speech & text
so i could import games right off the bat.

*goes back to Rosetta Stone course*


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TheHater3800d ago

I guess WKC live up to the HYPE in Japan so far in sales because it seems that sales determine if a game live up to the hype by a lot of people on this site. I am kinda curious what they sales would have been like if their wasn't a shortage of the game.
Anyway I hope the release this game in the States soon because I would love to play the living hell out of it

Nathaniel_Drake3800d ago

not to mention the godly amount of hours I am going to spend on the online portion =)

Raoh3800d ago

Good for Level-5

i'm anxious to play this game from what i've seen so far.

TOO PAWNED3800d ago

and Sony, they invested a lot of money in this IP(Sonys IP btw). I hope it does well.

meepmoopmeep3800d ago

yes, good for Level 5
i hope all their games sell great.
they have a lot of great games developed so far across platforms.

i hope they're working on Dark Cloud 3 right now.

Danja3800d ago

or another jeanne arc..

No FanS Land3800d ago

Danja you're right. Jeanne d'arc is the definite RPG of the PSP. It's actually this game that got me interested in Level-5. Well personnaly my fav S-RPg is FFTactics htough the psp version is only a remake, thus reducing the impact it had.

rdgneoz33800d ago

They can work on Dark Cloud 3 after WKC comes out in the US :P

Rock Bottom3800d ago

I loved Jeanne D'ark, I would love to see a similar game from Level 5, but I rather see it on the PSP(or PSN) and not as full Blue-Ray game.

The Great Melon3800d ago

Level 5 shot into my view also after playing Jeanne D'arc.

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TOO PAWNED3800d ago

Now some one will cry, and who is that? 5 letters word, starts with X

TOO PAWNED3800d ago

LOL, you got last letter right

Gun_Senshi3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

if I say that word I get banned from gamer zone

Edit: I wish I had 1 more bubble to reply at bladestar's post and laugh at his stupidity and spinning of everything.

Narutone663799d ago

On topic: Awesome number of game sold. Were the xbox fanboys saying this game will flopped? I hope not, coz this news will shut them up.

Dark_Overlord3799d ago

Anyone who is willing to make Bladestar look stupid deserves a bubble

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ThatCanadianGuy3800d ago

It's a tie between this and heavy rain for my most wanted in 09..

Man..i wish i could just go to sleep and wake up in 8 months :(

TOO PAWNED3800d ago

are you serious? You can do so much in your life in those 8 months. Like play my game Too HUman.

IzKyD13313800d ago

you'd miss Killzone if that happened