First Look: Nintendo's New Video Channel

Following yesterday's first report in the Nikkei business daily, Nintendo has officially announced its new Wii video download channel. The company also provided a first image of the service.

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Shnazzyone3804d ago

what an unintresting and uninformative screenshot. Not too much new info here.

AstroZombie13804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

I bet even though they just announced it, they still get it out and get it up and running quicker than SCEE decide to give the EU their video store (crappier half in-bred version of the US one by the looks of it too)

baum3803d ago

And I suppose you're also going to say that this Wii video service which is oriented to have family content (as the article says) will have better content than PSN, not to mention that all services (including XBL Movie renting and Netflix) have gone global except Sony's?


qface643804d ago

and here i thought i was gonna actually see real screens -_-