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Sony Will Continue to Make PS4 Games Moving Forwards

Sony will not abandon the PS4, and it’s considering content for the last-gen console on a case-by-case basis. Outside of the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok – which will release on both PS5 and PS4 – the manufacturer is being unprecedentedly secretive about its upcoming slate of first-party projects.

However, Hermen Hulst – who’s the head of PlayStation Studios – is not ruling out further PS4 versions of its games moving into 2023 and beyond.

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Jin_Sakai169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Cross gen can burn. PlayStation was much better without these two in charge!

darthv72169d ago

now now... it's not all that bad. They are still way behind where they should be with PS5 adoption. so it just makes sense to capitalize on the PS4 users who dont want to feel left behind. PS5 production is improving now that they have stopped making PS4 hardware. So this will only be for another year, two tops.

blackblades169d ago

Don't waste your breath, they only see hatred when comes to jim, herman and the ps brand now.

porkChop169d ago

No, they are not "way behind" where they should be. The PS5 is only 2 to 2.5 million behind the PS4 with launches aligned. Over a 2 year span that's nothing, especially considering chip shortages. From the way you guys talk about the chip shortage you make it sound like the PS5 is far behind last gen when it really isn't. There are more than enough PS5s and Xbox Series' out there that devs can stop making cross gen games.

andy85169d ago

By the time these games are out PS5s will be on shelves everywhere. That's already the case in some countries

--Onilink--169d ago

Why are they way behind? Its selling extremely close to what the PS4 had sold in the same time and thats considering a significantly worse global situation during the PS5s time.
Its not like they would have just suddenly produced 2x-3x more PS5s without the chip shortage

Bobertt169d ago

PS5 is only a couple million units behind where PS4 was this far into it's launch so the numbers aren't really the issue. I believe PS3-PS4 cross gen lasted about 2 years and this November will make 2 years for PS5. But seeing some games got delayed because of the pandemic i will give them 1 more year to get out everything that should of already been released for cross gen. But Jim Ryan has to go he has lied and made bad decisions ever since he got put in charge.

JackBNimble168d ago

I'm not ready for ps5 after the price hike, I would have had one by now if they weren't so hard to get.

I would jump to xbox if it wasn't for my large digital library.

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Eonjay169d ago

Games actually still run pretty well on PS4. Especially new sports games and fighting games. Also a slew of new RPGs . Modern Warfare 2 is actually pretty playable. There aren't enough consoles for everyone who wants to upgrade so let the publishers make money where the people are

Just because you work yourself up and try to convince yourself that you have been injured doesn't make it so.

Jim Ryan is doing a great job and I know it because Sony is still releasing games I want to play at a consistent rate.

I'm glad they are growing themselves by moving into PC and multiplayer games,. I'm glad the are continuing to make single player games. I'm glad the industry is still supporting the PS4. I'm not happy about the supply issues but I understand the factors.

Mostly though I'm glad I can think for myself and not based on PR based narrative BS that doesn't effect me.

mudakoshaka169d ago

Yeah, yeah, Cyberpunk 2077 is a great example of newer games being able to run ”pretty well” on last-gen consoles.

Eonjay168d ago

This comment doesn't make sense.
Cyberpunk doesn't run well on PS4/Xbox One and that doesn't disprove my comment. I implied certain games still play fine. All you game me was a straw man response. As I already stated there are no enough PS5 for everyone who wants to upgrade. Should they be cut off from all games? You are even trying to respond to me in good faith.

JEECE168d ago


You are missing the point. When people complain about games like GOW, Horizon, etc being cross-gen, the response we inevitably get is either "what about God of War needs more power?" or once the game has already come out, "see, look at how well HFW ran on PS4, it didn't need PS5." The inherent flaw in this logic is that it uses either past PS4 games or the PS4 version of cross gen games (in other words, games that have been limited in their development by PS4) as a reason why nothing more powerful than PS4 is needed.

Cyberpunk is an example of devs who specifically did not limit the design of the game based on the slow processor and HDD of the PS4, and of course, the game naturally ran like trash there. It proves that there are games that need more powerful hardware.

The problem is that gamers are less informed on average than they were 10 or 15 years ago. People then understood that a game world on a PS3 could be fundamentally different than on PS2. Now people just think a more powerful console means 60fps and 4k.

Eonjay168d ago


Or maybe people need to stop fighting a semanticle console war and respond to my comments as I type them not based on what Sally said to Bobby and what Tom said to Dick. Again, none of that has anything to do with what I said. I am not interested in defending comments I didn't make so DO NOT try to put me into that bag.

Lightning77168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

That is some astronomical amount of deflection......

We believe in generations to we believe in no generations a year later. That's a hardcore defensive narrative even for you.

You're basically lobbying and celebrating that PS4 will be holding back PS5... That's crazy...

Eonjay168d ago


You are creating your own narrative irrespective of what's actually happening. You are completely ignoring what I am saying and you are acting like gamers only understand comments in absolute terms in a vacuum. Case and point,. You can support last gen and you can make software exclusive to current gen. The logical fallacy is that a you can only do either or despite evidence to the contrary. Why has gaming become the battle of extremes? Prior gens have always been supported for some time. It's up to the developer to know when they are pushing last gen too hard.

Everything is last gen compared to the new 4090. Does that mean that you can only develop software for enthusiast class hardware? Of course not.

Refusing to use critical thinking is not a virtue and it's very unbecoming especially when people give non-extreme viewpoints and are met with self righteous stupidity..

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Bathyj168d ago

Calm down drama queen. Can you tell me any games that look better than Horizon forbidden West God of war Ragnarok or Miles Morales?


All I heard before Horizon released was they better have flying mounts. Did anyone come out and say that game wasn't held back?

Gamers are the such crybabies now.

dumahim168d ago

Probably has something to do with the fact they're not making many games that are only for the PS5.

neutralgamer1992168d ago


Shu yoshida was the head of world wide studios and he si a huge gamer himself and you could tell that passion existed

Now these are business decisions and sadly I believe it will take a huge mess up like launch of PS3 for Sony to fire these idiots and put in charge those who understand what gaming should be all about

All this talk of GAAS yet Sony made the most money without it. Nintendo has been dominant without it. Trust me as long time PlayStation fan and a gamer this isn't complicated

As gamers we want quality games without micro transactions. Whether it's single player or MP as long as we feel the publishers aren't taking advantage of our goodwill. We want finished games at launch and not launch now and fix later

frostypants168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

While I wish we had more current-gen exclusive stuff, Sony has always supported the prior gen well into the next. The PS3 had similarly long legs.

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darthv72169d ago

Im thinking it will be mostly the live / gaas games that will be crossgen. with as large a player base as the PS4, it would be smart to count them in on those instead of only rely on the much smaller (yet growing) PS5 base. Unless things change... I wouldn't expect to see the likes of Spider-man 2 or Wolverine to be on PS4.

blackblades169d ago

I think that as well, I don't mind pc or ps4 for some games as long as they keep making good money to help go toward high tier games considering the cost will get higher to make those games like Spiderman 2 etc.

Flawlessmic169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

If it's just the gaas games then fine as those games suck anyway and I don't play them.

But I swear if any more of Sony's big single players games are cross gen moving forward, then I'll lump Sony in with is Ms so far for severely disappointing me this gen.

It's an absolute joke cross gen is still around at this point from 1st party devs.

3rd party to be expected but never 1st party let alone 2 years in and counting!!

I bought 2 supposedly next gen consoles and all I'm getting is cross gen games which are being held back.

At this rate we can expect to play ps5 games when ps6 is out and then that will be held back and we will ps6 games when the ps7 is out

darthv72169d ago

I get what you are saying but.... to be fair, the ps4 (esp pro) is still a pretty viable system. I'll keep buying PS4 games if they have such late in life quality titles like forbidden west and ragnarok

blackblades169d ago

There are some only ps5 games bruh and some crossgen games actually do look and better on ps5 then ps4

Eonjay169d ago

Also games like MLB should still be cross gen. Not to mention continued third party support. You might have to upgrade to play some games but at this point there will be plenty of content to tide people over.

--Onilink--169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Live service games would also be the most affected by being on PS4 though. By their nature those are the games that will continue to receive content for years to come and supporting a weaker hardware (plus the fact by its very nature it means supporting 2 more SKUs) can significantly impact how much could those gaas game continue to grow without ditching the last gen at some point .

Its not necessarily just about having a larger install base

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Knushwood Butt169d ago

While I don't like the idea on paper, it all comes down to the law of diminishing returns.

What is next gen?
What/where are these new and amazing experiences that can't be delivered on 'last' gen hardware?

At the end of the day, a good game is a good game, regardless of the tech.

Switch proves that the masses don't care.

Last week I beat Far Cry 3 Classic Edition on my PS5. It is a lazy port of a PS3 game. Whether you consider it a good game or not is debatable, but I played it from start to finish. I could have been playing Death Loop, which is for current gen only, but didn't.

Point being that if the gaming experience is not nerfed by last gen, I don't really have an issue with this.

shinoff2183169d ago

Your right. I still play snes games ps1 game ps2 games. None of it matters. If a game is good its good. I try to understand why some of these people are complaining and in the end its lile uber snobbish type sh. Idk i have a ps5 and have no issue. How do you pass up 120 million other consoles users. When ps5 dropped the world just happened to be in some sh and you couldnt get as many ps5s out as you like.

I have an xbox one along with ps4 ps5. Is ms releasing games exclusively on the new xbox x and s. Im curious idk if they are.

Knushwood Butt169d ago


The only thing I see that is truly next gen, is PSVR2, and of course you can argue that it's just an iteration.

Show me the true next gen games on PC: that's supposed to be the ultimate gaming platform right?

Or just go back to Death Loop, which is current gen only, a derivative FPS, and has some pretty noticeable loading on PS5 too. Great...

darthv72169d ago

...they are but openly stated they would do crossgen support for the first couple of years. And I remember all the shit they got for that statement, esp by the PS fans. It can be assumed that announced games like senua 2, starfield, forza and others will be series only.

And if they too decide to keep supporting xbo... so what. It may only have sold 50m units but that is still a sizable potential gamepass audience .

andy85169d ago

Mostly to do with the SSD IMO. It affects world building hugely. You can design things completely different. Only have to look at the FFVII remake for that, beautiful game but to get those visuals they had to compromise, which is where all the forced walking sections came in. Glad part 2 has left last gen behind or it'd be more of the same.

AngainorG7X169d ago

So much for the "generations"

Jin_Sakai169d ago

“We believe in generations” just not next gen.

169d ago
Knushwood Butt169d ago

Next gen, like the Forza Motorsport reboot, that has the sun reflecting off metallic engine parts, red cars reflected in the bodywork of black cars as if it was a mirror, and fields full of trees in autumn without a single fallen leaf to be seen.

The next gen doesn't start until MS says so.

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I_am_Batman168d ago

"We believe in generations", except for next gen... and except for the PS1-PS3 generations. "Why would anybody play this?". So in essence, we believe in the PS4 generation. We believe in it so much, that we won't ever let it end. - Jim Ryan

PressPlayBros168d ago

Learn how to read an article, not just the title.

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169d ago
Redemption-64169d ago

I love it, when people only quote part of a paragraph and leave out the rest, it's almost like that part doesn't fit the narrative they desperately want to push. Care to post the whole quote?

blackblades169d ago

Or forget about returnal and other games that's not on ps4 but is on current gen only.

CantThinkOfAUsername168d ago

"We have always said that we believe in generations. We believe that when you go to all the trouble of creating a next-gen console, that it should include features and benefits that the previous generation does not include. And that, in our view, people should make games that can make the most of those features."

"We do believe in generations, and whether it's the DualSense controller, whether it's the 3D audio, whether it's the multiple ways that the SSD can be used... we are thinking that it is time to give the PlayStation community something new, something different, that can really only be enjoyed on PS5."

aconnellan168d ago

I dunno man, the context doesn’t really help it.

Jim was saying this as far back as 2019 and 2020 in discussing the plan for the PS5, which wasn’t known by the public at the time. People satire it these days because it was parroted at the time (on sites like N4G) as the ‘right’ approach to take, purely because of the flak MS was copping for planning cross-gen games.

Here’s how the author contextualises the original quote:

“ One way to keep PS4 users engaged would be to make upcoming PS5 games playable on the older machine, just like Microsoft is proposing with its Xbox Series X games being playable on Xbox One. Yet Ryan says that's not something PlayStation is interested in doing.”

And here’s the full original quote:


“ We have always said that we believe in generations. We believe that when you go to all the trouble of creating a next-gen console, that it should include features and benefits that the previous generation does not include. And that, in our view, people should make games that can make the most of those features. We do believe in generations, and whether it's the DualSense controller, whether it's the 3D audio, whether it's the multiple ways that the SSD can be used... we are thinking that it is time to give the PlayStation community something new, something different, that can really only be enjoyed on PS5.“

Source: https://www.gamesindustry.b...


You can even search ‘believe in generations’ on this very site and find swathes of people in different articles praising Sony for this approach and criticising MS for doing the opposite. This was before it turned out that their plans were basically the same.

PressPlayBros168d ago

Yall need to actually read the "we believe in generations" article he never said anything about games being cross gen, he talked specifically hardware.

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