Crowning the king of the consoles

BBC Technology editor Darren Waters looks back at an eventful year in the world of game consoles.
At the start of 2008 there were three key questions that needed answering about the future of the games industry:
Could the Xbox 360 sustain a lead over the PlayStation 3?
Would anything derail the success of Nintendo?
And could 2008's video games match the heights of 2007?
If you are reading this and pushed for time, then the short answers are Yes, No, Not quite.

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MURKERR3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

has 360 done well in 2008?..most definately
will killzone live up to the hype?..i believe so
can heavyrain offer narratve freedom?..after playing farenheit/indigo say yes
which year was better for gaming 2007 or 2008?..2007 for 360 owners( constant stream of AAA games),2008 was much better for ps3 owners than 2007,2009 promises to eclipse 2008 for ps3 owners in exclusives, 360 owners have good multiplats in 2009

Guitarded3636d ago

Wii is Queen and PS3 is the little princess. If Halo is what you, Murky, consider milked, I'd like to hear your thoughts on FF, MGS, GT, Socom, Mario, and Zelda.

robert02673636d ago

they mentioned black mesa source at the end of the article!!!!!!

Gun_Senshi3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )


FPS Fans favourite game was Crysis: Warhead this year.

ASSASSYN 36o3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

I think the writer was aware of gears being classified a third person shooter. He probably was impressed by the number of fps fans playing a third person shooter and enjoying it.

Danja3637d ago

or probably the writer doesn't really play games so he doesn't really know the difference a 3rd person shooter and a FPS..which would just be dumb.

FPS Fan Favorite Game was : Resistance 2

NaiNaiNai3637d ago

isnt most of the stuff that hits N4G just written A. by some idiot writer. B. by a fanboy. or C. a totally biased company.

this site has gotten pathetic.

and personally L4D was the best shooter of the year. manly cause everyone wants it, console fans and pc fans, so i think it wins by a long shot.

evrfighter3636d ago

agreed with nai word for word. I'm strictly a competitive fps gamer, that plays cs and cod in leagues like cal and cevo. However My little brother got a 360 and gears 2 for christmas and I found myself having tons of fun with it.

Though when my team mates and I have some down time we are usually playing l4d.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3637d ago

Playstation 3 was the king since its launch.Maybe next generation Microsoft and Nintendo will get it right

Keele3637d ago

Suckstation 3 sucked hardcore at launch and it still sucks hardcore now, for it to be crowned king it needs to not suck which unfortunately is impossible for it.

Suck beyond.

ravinshield3636d ago

i tough all japanese people are smart, how can you be saying such stupid things.

FRoSTiViAN3636d ago

Xbox 360 27 million by end of year and PS3 coming in at 19.5 million maybe.

Mutley4163637d ago

I love seems very fun...I love rolling from Cover to Cover...reminds me of SWBF2...good times-

R2 is still my game of choice of "Shooters" right now-

TrevorPhillips3637d ago

my favourite are call of duty 5 and gears of war and for ps3 resistance 2 for now

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