Killzone 2 "Suljeva Village" Video presents another Killzone 2 video and writes "Viewers please note the following-

This video is from the preview build(October 2008).

No gameplay is being shown to keep the segment spoiler free.

Sorry for the camera quality and angles.

A short description- The entire village is rather arid, deserted and will remind most players of the sand and dust ridden lands of Jabba the Hutt's homeworld. This level shows the vast expanse Killzone 2 actually covers and it's truly incredible."

Hit the link to watch the video

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reincarnated3586d ago

i wish i was in a coma so i wouldn't have to wait more than a month!

PoSTedUP3586d ago

i wish this game was coming to the ps3...

drdistracto7073586d ago

if you get a single disagree, then ill eat my ps3

i hope people catch your sense of humor

PoSTedUP3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

this is N4G friend, you might as well get yourself ready, you'll be chowing down on teh useless cell and all of the ps3's faulty moving mechanics in no time XD.

+ bubbles : P

C_SoL3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

any spoilers in the vid?

EDIT:Never mind. Seen it. I'm just glad this game is exclusive to PS3 because PS3 haters won't be able to enjoy it unless they buy a PS3 XD.

IzKyD13313586d ago

"if you get a single disagree, then ill eat my ps3"

use a 360 to heat it up

Danja3585d ago

still keeping my word...not watching a single KZ2 video till I put that disc in my PS3....

Hopefully my PS3 wont scratch my Blu ray disc to the point it's unreadable..XD

drdistracto7073585d ago

my ps3 is somewhere in my bowels right about now, too bad i just bought fallout 3, but, someone decided to give you a disagree

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Carbide73586d ago

I don't want to watch it but at the same time my hands are twitching to hit the jump.... am I alone?
ps If anyone did watch it let me know how it is =D. Thanks you

And btw Merry Christmas everyone or should I say Killzmas ;)

822119863586d ago

This sequence takes place right after the other cutscene on the website.. Sev and his squad land on this village to check out a virus or something..check it out it just shows the vast environment of killzone 2...we have only seen the gritty war torn environments this actaully shows how big Killzone 2 play model is...

jwatt3586d ago

It was a diffrent enviroment but I know you can hold off on watching it.

LittleBigKillzone3586d ago

horrible video. Oh the game istelf looks amazing, sounds amazing and will be amazing. But this particular video does not do this game justice whatsoever, the person holding the camera was all jerky and it almost looked like he was playing on a standard DEF TV.. the best vid i have seen so far is that One that was out a couple days ago at that Asian game convention where it shows the whole first intro and the 2nd half with that amazing lighting.. DAY ONE BUY FOR ME

LittleBigKillzone3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Ive noticed when the cover was released yesetrday a lot of people where hating on it.. Im not saying this because im bias and love Killzone, but if i was just a casual gamer that really wasnt looking forward to killzone 2, that cover would definitly jump out at me and grab my attention.. Its simple and to the point.. i actually like the idea they used the face of the helghast instead of the hero for a change.. EVERY sinlge action game cover has a picture of the hero. Halo, Gears, Resistance.. its nice to see some originilaity by actually having the bad guy on the cover for once and it looks so amazing!

I have it as a background on both my desktop and my PS3.. I Dont get what all the hate is about the cover, the cover is simply amazing! simple, straight forward and will definitly grab attention on store shelves for casuals looking for a good action title.. i give the cover a A plus

BTW.. Got Motorstorm Pacific Rift today for Christmas.. AWESOME GAME

pinoboys083586d ago

Nice dis game will blow all da fps games overthere!!!!!!!!!!

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