Silicon Knights Executive Leaves Too Human Developer

After three years with Silicon Knights, Rob DePetris has left the company. DePetris worked as the company's vice president of finance.

When asked by St. Catherines Standard, DePetris did not give a reason for his departure.

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Xelai3586d ago

As Vice Presindet of finance seems he did not like the numbers he was seeing.

deeznuts3586d ago

He was only there 30% of the total development time anyway. No biggie! :D

TOO PAWNED3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Hi guys it's me Penis Dyack, as you can see from my avatar and artist user name. The reason why this gentlemen left is because we made so much money out of Too Flopped. since he is now so loaded with money, he decided to retire and move to some exotic island and play Too Pawned for rest of his life.
You ask what is next for us? Well see you guys in 2018, since you know we need 10 year to make sequel of this flop and we want it to be as good as first game was.I am sure our buddies from 1UP will continue to overhype it and we want to officially say "Thanks".
Happy Too Pawned, kids. See you in 10 years.....or 20....or 30 if we survive WW3.

GameOn3586d ago

How dare you bring Haze into this.

The complete failure of Haze is mentioned nowhere in the article , so why bring it up???

GiantEnemyCrab3586d ago

Just Haze? Try most of the PS3 sh*t titles.

pixelsword3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

...When Too Human was first thought of, were there computers?

TOO PAWNED3586d ago

Actually it is Pennis, not Dennis, look above. Back o subject. There were no PC when we first planned Too Floppis, only prototype of 360, which was exploding ever day, 1 person a day lost it's life in that process. Luckily MS began giving us fire extinguishers and swat anti bomb squad armor while we were working on Too Floppis prototype, one that you saw back in 1996

Obama3586d ago

Will Master Chief be the lead character in Too Flopman 3?

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The story is too old to be commented.