Video Emerges of PS3 to 360 XCM Cross Battle Adapter

You may have seen our article about the upcoming XCM Cross Battle Adapter for the PS3. Well, videos have finally emerged of the adapter actually being used.

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Sarcasm3804d ago

Awesome, does it work for PS3 controller to 360? OoOOo man I would actually be able to play MK vs DC on my 360 for once!

likedamaster3803d ago

WTF? The analogs on DS3's are horrible for fighting games.

cactuschef3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )


I didn't know that was a proven fact.

Foliage3800d ago

The 360 controller has no six-axis. Why attach a last gen controller device like the 360 controller to a next gen gaming device like the PS3?

I don't see the appeal for the 360 controller, especially with the large dead spots in the middle of the analogs making shooter games abandon player skill, or how stiff the analog sticks are, or how you need to purchase a charge pack or buy batteries on a weekly basis. I won't even get started on the cruddy directional keys that serve no purpose. The misaligned analog sticks also force you to use each stick at a different angle, which is pretty dumb. I get cramps out of that right analog stick even worse than the Playstation's left analog stick.

I don't know where these fantards got the idea that the 360 controller is better, when it is worse in every way.

AstroZombie13804d ago

Like the idea, the turbo button no so much.

Woundedpeasant3804d ago

thats cool, i will help people who prefer 360 controllers

Guitarded3804d ago

Scratch one more thing off the list of reasons for not owning a PS3 yet. Getting closer. Couple more worthy exclusives and a $200 price point and I'm there.

smturner683804d ago

I think it's funny that they show a fighting game...since everyone seems to complain about the 360's D pad.

However, the triggers are much better on the 360 for most you know, games that you're using a gun, or racing games.

Honestly, I just don't think one is that much better than the other.

Shmapanese3804d ago

i went to my buds house a few days ago and play on his 360 (a.k.a.RRoD) for a while.. was sooooo stupid,i used the 360 controller (DUH) and i just cant STAND that sucker at all man,i mean i can care less about the D-Pad since no one really uses it anyways (unless your a fighter fan) but for me,it was the CRAPPY joysticks that ruined the experience and made it complicated.... i played for a few hours and couldnt stand the joystick sensitivity so i quite... HOWEVER,i do like the overall comfort that your hands just groove into.

after i went to my hous,played my ps3 with my DS3 and was like a WHOLE new orgasmic experience feeling lol (retarted i know but oh well)-

360's controller feels to0 stiff and fake for me IMO.

anywho on topic ,this thingy looks to be good for some peeps of the different taste.

ChickeyCantor3804d ago

I have a PS3 and the controller, i still can't get used to it.
It freaking hurts my L-thumb. IT's just what you are used to.

GameOn3804d ago

Do you go round you mates house to play his broken 360 a lot?

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The story is too old to be commented.