Sky News: What Was This Year's Best Game?

Sky news writes: It has been another exceptional year for gamers, with a huge number of quality titles.

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jammy_703675d ago

well like us gamers do!

in a year where the line up of 360 when from strenght to strenght.... WTF!! ps3 mineup was better

no MGS4 = epic fail

dont do games sky news from the list u no nothing...

vhero3674d ago

actually like most company's they haven't gone back to the beginning of the year thats the problem with these game of the year rankings people only go back as far as 6 months..

TIKUP3677d ago

WTF NO MGS4!!!!!!!! But LBP was runner up so im kind of happy but still come on fifa 9,top spin 3 made the chart but MGS4 didnt!!!!! :(

Hot_tea3675d ago

No Metal Gear, and Top Spin? Mirrors Edge? ROOOOOOFL!

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