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PoSTedUP3800d ago

نام فایل <----game of the year... i TOTALLY agree XD

R_19933800d ago

And that* just gives you info about the video which you're supposed to download.

* = نام فایل

PrinceJames3799d ago

My dad is persian and speaks Farci, asked him to read and he saids its Prince of Persia.

Its pretty obvious though, its in the background and IRANIAN=PERSIAN... so yeah :D

Darkman3800d ago

You can read Arabic but this is Persian. "تيزر معرفى برترين‌هاى 2008" means best of 2008 teaser. ;)

R_19933800d ago

Darn...The letters look alike...

S M N3799d ago

they have the same letters but different langauge

same goes with many other countrys that used arabic letters

Zelda_GKB3799d ago

OMG! Showing the top 20 games of 2008 for homeconsoles and PC in 1 minute! very nice.