HDDN: Brendan's Top 10 Blu-ray Releases of 2008

High Def Disc News writes: "2008 has certainly been quite the year for the Blu-ray format. Starting out the year, Blu-ray still had to contend with the now-dead HD DVD format. However once Warner announced their intentions to back the Blu-ray format, all the cards fell and soon the HD DVD format was dead. This allowed all major studios to back this format exclusively....."

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PoSTedUP3610d ago

just got total recall, rushhour3 n layer cake on bluray.

MorganX3609d ago

Total Recall... You'll probably love the original Predator and Robocop. Also, give Replacement Killers a shot, Mira Sorvino is hot and the uncompressed audio is superb.

Narutone663609d ago

Batman Begins and Iron Man. Why is the Dark Knight not in that list? I'm still waiting for it to be available in my region.

jadenkorri3609d ago

no blu ray is failing or ps3 failing article yet, almost a full day without seeing one...

SonyOwnsNextYear3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )


and then theres the whole drm debate.... LOL, i dont see that flying off the shelf like say.... a physical copy that i can play anywhere, lend to a family member or friend AND notbe restricted to just 1 licensed device. DD fails on that very premise alone.

what is next?lol, we all know what is neXt.

Parappa The Rappa3609d ago

Was an awesome movie.
Glad it was on the list.

AriesFury3609d ago

Nice list. Will get at least half if it before year end.

3609d ago
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