Gametrailers GOTY Awards 2008 - Most Disappointing Game

With so much anticipation, how did they go wrong?

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tatotiburon3673d ago

wtf?? where is Haze??, Star wars was soooo much better than Haze the biggest flop of the year.

PoSTedUP3673d ago

thats how bad it was... people totally forgot about it even when its flagship category pops up hehehe.

Lookbehind3673d ago

This is a pretty fair article considering its from GT.

MAR-TYR-DOM3673d ago

gametrailers showing off there bias views. In order not to piss of 360 fans they didnt give the honor to Too Human which at least deserved it more than Force Unleashed. Continue to be retarded gametrailers, i wont be visiting your site anytime soon.

Danja3673d ago

The Force Unleashed wasn't even that bad I actually enjoyed the game since I rented it cuz I wasn't too sold based off the demo but it was ok..

Too Human deserved to Win this the game was just not fun and it has the worst control design in recent memory..

Haze should have been nominated also...even though it was just another average FPS..that was not necessarily bad IMO...

-GametimeUK-3673d ago

how can you call GT bias? A year ago I would agree but this year they have scored almost all 360 exclusives lower than expected... Fable2, Too Human, Banjo, NG2 didnt score higher than a 9 (if i remember correctly)... The only stand out 360 game in terms of GT scoring is GoW2 (which deserved a good score)... PS3 games like MGS4, LBP and R2 all scored over 9...

And yeah maybe for a star wars fan FU was the biggest disappointment... All the hype and releasing it on all consoles just to have every version suck... sorry but that has disappointed gamers on every platform and not just one system like Haze and Too Human... But yeah all 3 games suck to the point where the most disappointing title is irrelevant... All 3 games are horrid

Nathan Drake3673d ago

How does Too Human not win this one?

Captain Tuttle3672d ago

Well I think the only person to be truly dissapointed in Too Human was Dyack, although that would be sales. Pretty much everyone else thought it was a turd before it was released. Expectations from the general gaming population weren't very high.

likedamaster3672d ago


You got it right.

riqued3673d ago

Should have been Haze or Too Human! WTF!

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The story is too old to be commented.