World of Warcraft's PC system requirements are getting a big uplift with Dragonflight

Is your PC ready for Dragonflight? Blizard is now recommending SSD storage, ray tracing GPUs, and DirectX 12 systems.

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Profchaos56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I remember playing this on a amd 800mhz processor with a 64mb GPU in 2005 using a dial up connection on the lowest possible settings

Man we've come a long way

Number1TailzFan56d ago

Ouch you had dial up in 2005? I had 128k broadband by like late 2001 or early 2002, made a huge difference to games. They were super smooth for multiplayer for the first time for me. And it cost only slightly more than 56k.
Instead of seeing like 400-700+ pings I went to like 20-70 for more local countries.

Dial up days in the 90's were only good for turn based games like worms.

Profchaos56d ago

Yup I had dial up until around 2007/8 in Australia I'd say we had mass adoption way later than most of the world.

Having dial up at that time things were not fun but I'll stand by it wow actually worked alright on dial up it was probably the only game that did

porkChop56d ago

Raytracing can probably do wonders visually for older games. Makes sense to add it to something like WoW.