Editorial: Big-Budget Hardcore Games Could Be Obsolete In 2010

Cinemablend writes: "It's often said that gaming journalist and analyst seem to predict doom and gloom for the industry at every turn. In some cases, that is true. However, here at Blend Games we like to keep an open mind about all possibilities within the gaming industry -- not to purport doom and gloom but to imbue awareness. Unfortunately that awareness does involve a little gloom, but not because we want it to be gloomy, but because the industry is rapidly responding to the declining status of the economy.

So when you see long-standing publishers take a hit and respond by laying people off, canceling projects and delaying triple-A games, you know something is very wrong. And even though 2009 has a nice line-up of hardcore games that are easily classifiable as big-budget, they could be the last for a long time to come."

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Nathan Drake3637d ago

Not if Halo 8 has anything to say about it

Carbide73637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Or Gran Turismo 6

Xelai3637d ago


5 Halo games in one year or two at most seems a bit farfetched.


As long as im alive i will always play HARDCORE GAMES!!!

Captain Tuttle3637d ago

Nevermind...that will be out in 2035.

MazzingerZ3637d ago

what is a big budget game? FFVII costed around 25 million USD (no marketing included)...those games have always existed and will always do.

Now, if you as a publisher want to hype them then the costs goes higher...Halo 3's development costed around 30 million...the marketing of the game, other 30 so 60 in total

Games would be cheaper to develop if consoles stayed around for 7-8 years like the PS2 does today, hopefully the PS3 will be the same case

Why? because when a new console is released, many developers need to upgrade their engines, that costs money, need to learn new HW as in the case of the the first generation of games costs more money to develop

And since the installment base of a console is rather small during the first year, games are priced high in order to try to make some profit...59 USD in the case of this generation...if Microsoft hadn't rushed the X360 into the market, the transition to a next generation might had been a little more natural for developers...many of them can't support 2 different console generations.

Developers lose money in the beginning but it's supposed to be an investment as once they have develop their engines and learn the new HW, further games will be cheaper to develop and will be sold to a larger installment base...but this is not possible if a new console comes after 4 years and the manufacturer kills the support for the old developers can barely release a second generation of games on the same platform before starting all over again...

we're talking about costs for developing good games here of course...

SaiyanFury3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

It's core gamers who play core games that really make developers money. Not casual gamers who occasionally buy a game they think "looks" good based on box art or a rumour they heard from a friend. It's core gamers who follow what goes on in the industry and they're the ones that repeatedly go back to their local games outlet and buy a new game. I, myself look at new games at just about every outlet around me. I live in the country, so every time I'm at the local Walmart I'm in the electronics section scouting out something new, just in case I missed something in the media. Casual games may sell well on the Wii out of sheer volume, but there's a hell of a lot of core gamers out there too. Between the PS3 and 360, how many is that just on the HD consoles? Like 35 Million or something? And that's not counting all the core gamers who haven't upped to an HD console yet from the PS2. Sorry high budget games will not be going the way of the Dodo in 2010. We'll all still be here, and we'll still be playing.

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BLUR1113637d ago

Gaming is too big for this to happen.

GameOn3637d ago

The bigger they are...

OSIRUSSS3637d ago

Behold, the Wiification of the Game industry.

The gaming GOD3637d ago

But this also has to do with the economy. That COMBINED with this "casual" front on gaming is doing this. And since a developer can make maybe 3-4 casual games compared to the 1 or 2 games they can make with the same budget for a hardcore game, that "Wiification" you just termed it as is dangerously close to being reality.

PimpHandHappy3637d ago

Big-Budget Hardcore Games Could Be Obsolete In 2010

it will be for the 360! They have already started cutting cost in the gaming department! Its the last effort to make the 360 show a profit after 1.2 BILLION for RROD!

PS3 will have big budget games till it gets replaced by the PS4 in 6 years

f7897903637d ago

If your a developer and see your game sucks, why continue working on it if you know you wont make a profit? There are too many developers right now and hopefully the recession will kill off the bad ones.

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