Christmas With Japan's Most Hardcore Xbox Fan

1UP writes: "Merry Christmas! This remarkable photo surfaced on Japanese mega-message board 2ch today, the Xbox 360 setup of an anonymous fan wishing you very happy holidays indeed. The significance of the strawberry cake, fried chicken and "Chanmery" non-alcoholic champagne is cultural: As a proper Japanese citizen, the above items must be consumed on Christmas Day, without exception. The story goes that Western Christmas turkey was substituted for with Kentucky Fried Chicken, as it was the closest available equivalent."

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Gun_Senshi3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

No wonder about sales

We already saw a similar photo in Kotaku.

A Person that bough EVERY single X360 game including Vampire Rain and worse with 5 X360s. Most X360 fans own more then 1 console due to when one faults they got another to play while its off to repairs.

"We tip our hats to you, faceless Japanese Xbox fan. You're fighting the good fight, in a land that's keeping you down. Merry Christmas... you've earned it." - 1up and their fanboyism

People like him are sickos. Buying alot of games is another thing then buying EVERY SINGLE game including the most crap titles that you will never play. Having 1-2 Consoles is ok i guess but 10+!? WTF? With all that money you could buy a car or PS3 + Wii + PSP + DS + X360 + Gaming PC or even buying X360 + Games you really play/good games + HDTV with Surround and send rest to charity.

その場合は写真上のすべてのものの所有者である場合は、そのニ ーズをハードに直面してお母さんになるまではMS嫌いな人と顔の違 いを伝えることはできませんパンチを遅らせるている

Venomish3636d ago

the japanese you wrote doesnt make any sense

kewlkat0073636d ago

There are plenty that go over the top to collect like this..and this hobby spread throughout the whole spectrum of products.

More power to him. Great collection.

Narutone663636d ago

He's a MS rep or so I heard.

kwicksandz3636d ago

Nice leg spread calender lol.

3636d ago
kwicksandz3635d ago

What an incredibly racist thing to suggest. Reported and - bubbles

smturner683635d ago

What makes you think that this guy doesn't also have other gaming systems? I would venture to guess that he or she does have other videogames.
Oh, well, if it was a ps3, and he had all of the games, then he'd be cool!
I have a lot of games, but not that many, I suppose it's more like about 80-100 xbox 360 games that I have. Then, of course the good ps3 games, and a handful of wii games too. This guy just has an obsessive compulsive disorder. Much worse than I do. You know, guys like us, they just have to have or try every color, or every flavor, or whatever. It's not a crime. I can, however, get expensive. Trying every Jelly Belly flavor is MUCH cheaper than thinkin you have to have EVERY game! Thank God that I just like to collect game stuff. It could be excessive handwashing, or thinking you need to redo the way you walk in a room, or redo the way you sit down.

FOXDIE3635d ago

Thats where all the 360's are going!

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PotNoodle3636d ago

The first thing that came to my head was "Ohhhhh so thats why the 360 just started to do so well"

PotNoodle3636d ago

How much of a typical open zone comment that looked. One thing to note, i'm only joking guys - before you decide to attack me.

Zhuk3636d ago

I would love to spend Christmas with this well informed consumer.

MAR-TYR-DOM3635d ago

i wonder how many of those he had to send to Microsoft.

SmokingMonkey3636d ago

but then he can just turn on all those heaters, 100% chance atleast one of those 10+ consoles has RRoD on him, and i guarrantee you he has some scratched discs. But hey he has big bumpin and sneak king! (great exclusives btw)