PS VR2 mass production has reportedly started, with ‘2m units planned for launch’

From VGC: "Sony plans to release 2 million PlayStation VR2 headsets during the new headset’s launch period, it’s been claimed.

Bloomberg reports that the manufacturer plans to have 2 million units ready by March 2023, suggesting it expects PS VR2 to sell faster than its predecessor.

By comparison, the original PlayStation VR, which was released in October 2016, took seven months to sell 1 million units."

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SullysCigar55d ago

Blimey, that's a massive increase over the previous headset. They must be feeling confident - and rightly so, going by the previews all raving about it.

Eurogamer was probably the most in-depth rundown, showing all the pros and cons, but even they seemed really pumped for PSVR2.

I am too. Day one!

jukins55d ago

Definitely day 1. Even with psvr limitations and shortfalls it was still very enjoyable cant wait for psvr2 the possibilities

EvertonFC54d ago

Same day1, hoping for a showcase to see what else is in the pipeline.
I'm guessing November/December for a showcase considering playstation missed a summer showcase.
I'm guessing Sony gave more time for studios to be ready to show off next year's games.

jukins54d ago

I dont like vr showcases. To me they just dont show all that well especially if its showing the actual person playing. Kinda makes vr look awkward. I do however want to see the pipeline and more AAA games with a dedicated vr mode that can play with normal mode users

Neonridr55d ago

exciting, can't wait to preorder.

Taero54d ago

Even with that one cable (ugh) the fact that I can pick it up and just use it in my living room without faffing around with cameras and holding the stupid headset lights in the image to calibrate it each time since I had to take the camera down (and also having to attach the camera to something each time since my tv wasn't conducive to it) puts it light years ahead, gonna try and jump right in. Maybe a mid gen refresh will take it wireless, who knows.

generic-user-name54d ago

There's potential for some kind of wireless adapter for it but it would need to also be a power supply for the headset too so it could be bulky, if it ever happens.

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The story is too old to be commented.