Remembering Metal Gear Solid 5's One-of-a-Kind Puzzle

In Metal Gear Solid 5, players must figure out why a strange illness spreads throughout Mother Base, and the solution ties to the game's themes.

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Ray J54d ago

Making sure this abomination and disgrace stays forgotten in my mind til this day.

CrimsonWing6954d ago

I’m puzzled it convinced the world that it was a finished game. I don’t know any other game that would make you replay all the missions over again to pad it out with an unfinished story and everyone sing praises to it.

Z50154d ago

Who said it was finished?
It did have an ending.

aaronaton54d ago

Compared to the shit we get shoveled nowadays, this was a finished bug free masterpiece.

Knushwood Butt54d ago

For better or worse, Devil May Cry 4 and Silent Hill: The Room essentially make you play through the same game twice.

Bayonetta does a ton of recycling too.

Notice the link here?

Knushwood Butt53d ago

Yes, absolutely,, that:s precisely what I wrote.

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