Google Trends: Saints Row 2 Hot During Xmas

The Koalition: Yes, you read the title right. According to Google Trends on Christmas morning Saints Row 2 cheats were among the top 25 most searched terms, Ipod's ruled that list by the way (See Full List Below). It comes as a surprise seeing how Saints Row 2 hype has died down significantly. Maybe one of the developers had this on his Christmas list? Lets see if next months NPD gives Saints Row 2 a boost. Don't expect it to be top 20 but every game should see some significant rise because of the holidays.

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Cajun Chicken3800d ago

Its a really good game, don't blame people for searching it up.

Mr PS33798d ago

They like nothing more than to CHEAT

360 man3798d ago

obviously its the bots

its were the lion share of saint rows sales come from

Sonyslave33798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

well the 360 is were all the money at 360 is a game machine unlike blueraysation 3