Steam Deck Interview: Valve Says Slimmer Steam Deck Has Drawbacks, Offers Dock Status Update

Valve's Erik Peterson and Lawrence Yang talk about the whereabouts of the dock, the possibility of a slimmer Steam Deck, and much more.

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HeliosHex60d ago

I have big hands, last thing I want is a slimmer deck.

_SilverHawk_60d ago

I'd like a more powerful steam deck with better battery life, graphics card, cpu and 1080p oled screen that's 8inches wide. I know it's all possible now with the current form factor of the deck now. Hopefully its possible to have that in holiday 2023

jeromeface60d ago

yea, and they'll charge 1k, no thx

saint_seya60d ago

That wouldnt be a problem as long as they keep the other models too.. noone will force you to buy it, but it would be nice for those who want it.

_SilverHawk_59d ago

Wow, I guess better options are bad for some poor people. Its ok to not buy something if you cant afford it. There will be different steam decks made like valve said

curtain_swoosh59d ago

prepare to be charged for that.

60d ago
Lexreborn259d ago

I’m actually really warming up to my steam deck, being able to play Batman Arkham Origins at 60 high everything even though at 800p is very clean on the smaller screen. And a lot of the games I have been testing all have great performance across the board.

I started hired guns and it was looking rough. But that was because it defaulted too low. Switched it to high and altered a few settings game runs smooth and clean at 60. Super shocked at the bang you are getting out of it.

My bigger test is definitely going to have to be with larger titles like dying light(haven’t been enjoying 2 on my ps5 to date any to buy it on pC) and several other newer games to see the performance.

Pretty stellar performance and I haven’t even done other OS and emulation yet

KeeseToast59d ago

The only things I would change in a new Steam Deck are:
1. Better Screen
A bezel-less OLED would be really nice
2. M.2 2280 support
If AYA manages to squeeze them into the Neo Air then Valve can do it too
3. Second USB-C Port on the bottom
Would be really nice for charging while plugging in peripherals/screen without the need for a dock and more flexibility while charging

FleshToDust58d ago

I'd like it to be a bit smaller but if that effects battery life or performance then it's great the way it is.
This device is amazing. As I'll mention in my video, with the power of emulation, it's got 40 years of gaming history all on a single device. This thing is the ultimate emulation station. If you like retro gaming, there's nothing better.