42 essential tips for your new games console

Techradar writes: "Get more from your new Xbox, Wii and PS3 this Christmas

Kids love getting toys for Christmas - but so do we. And let's face it, there's no better toy to receive than a brand new games console.

So if you got an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii this year, Christmas dinner might come as a bit of an unwelcome intrusion into your afternoon.

To help you get started with your new favourite toy, we've put together a mini bible of our most popular tips and tricks that'll help you squeeze every ounce of functionality out of your console"

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FunkyBunch3587d ago

One tip I was surprised wasn't mentioned is that you can share your PSN purchases with your friends. You can buy something on the PSN and using your account you can give it to up to 5 (IIRC) friends. Using you own console you can also upload PSOne games to up to 5 different PSP's (again, IIRC).

Further, you can access you PS3's media or even PSOne games with your PSP from any wifi spot.

GiantEnemyCrab3587d ago

So is this sharing actually piracy?

Sony says it's OK if I download 1 game and then give it away to 5 people?

Wow! Sounds like a winning forumula for the dev's. For every 1 you sell 5 people get it for free.

DR-IVO3587d ago

buddy of mine logged onto my ps3 to download wipeout for me that he purchased on his account but I get a key error when trying to play but downloaded the key file as well, is there a option for sharing I dont see that would allow me to play?

unrealgamer583587d ago

hey crab guy calm the flip down.