Game Mechanic Studios unwrap Art of War for Christmas

The recently founded Game Mechanic Studios took time away from unwrapping gifts this morning to formally announce its first project, an original IP codenamed Art of War. It turns out that the blurry image the studio had on its website was one of the game's upcoming levels called 'Obsidian Serpent,' and not – as some had guessed – a stormtrooper or even a "man-bear pig."

While details remain light as Santa's bag the day after Christmas, Joystiq recently had the opportunity to speak with studio co-founder Jason Alejandre about what we can expect about the mysterious project. "We make shooters and we are going to start with what we do best which is exactly that," explained the 14-year game development vet. Alejandre added enthusiastically that the game will be set in "a brand new world," one which is "a quarter authentic and the rest is straight out of my crazy imagination." For more from Game Mechanic Studios, including additional Art of War details and why it probably won't be release on the Wii, look for our full interview soon.

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