Team Ninja Says Xbox Has a 'Bigger Presence' in Japan, But Nintendo Dominates Japan

Microsoft has seen the sales of the Xbox grow since the release of the Xbox Series X|S as the latest generation consoles have already sold nearly three times that of the Xbox One. But it is currently tracking behind the Xbox 360 in the country.

The director and president of Team Ninja Fumihiko Yasuda said Xbox has seen growth in Japan due to help from Game Pass. However, he says Nintendo continues to dominate the console market.

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blackblades65d ago

Bigger presence then before which should have been said in the title considering the obvious

XiNatsuDragnel65d ago

That's good but nothing compared to 360 days tbh imo.

-Foxtrot65d ago

Nintendo is an ocean

Microsoft is a tear drop in comparison


At the moment, you would be correct. But we can speculate that Microsoft and Nintendo are working on some sort of partnership that will give them an edge in Japan.

Remember when that Kojima Luden's statue was on Phil's shelf and ponies tried to convince everyone that it meant nothing? What happened a year later? Death Stranding on PC Game Pass.

Well, there was a Switch on that shelf as well....

Nitrowolf264d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Why would Nintendo work w h Microsoft in order for them to lose ground in their own territory??????

The partnership, if there is one, would be beneficial to Nintendo more than anything if it was a matter of hardware sales.

64d ago
curtain_swoosh64d ago (Edited 64d ago )


death strandings exclusive contract ran out, its as simple as that.
lets not make it anything else than it actually is.

japan is not a fan of xbox, its as simple as that. theres absolutely nothing wrong with that and has nothing to do with anything other than it not being popular there.

1Victor64d ago

Logic do you really have to be HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE and derail the conversation from the good of Xbox doing way better in Japan TO a ATTACK ON SONY FANS.

Back on track I hope Microsoft get a actual foothold in Japan the more FAIR COMPETITION there is the harder the other companies have to work for our money

rob-GP64d ago

"But we can speculate that Microsoft and Nintendo are working on some sort of partnership" - why? Why would Nintendo partner with Xbox for anything? They don't need their help or support. There's literally no proof or indication that either are working together.

63d ago
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MadLad64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Yet they're not even trying and gaining traction; thus they're looking to push and expand there.

Nintendo obviously owns the market, and we have Sony who doesn't even care for it anymore.

Gamingsince198164d ago

Sony doesn't care yet they are beating xbox who are trying by a large margin

LoveSpuds64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

More unsubstantiated drivel Madlad, Phil has been making noise about courting the Japanese market forever, so you don't get to say that MS isn't even trying to get a foothold.

The reality is, Japanese consumers don't like Xbox, never have. Xbox are 4 generations in and still can't gain any traction and saying they have sold more than they did last gen is so desperate its laughable, when you consider how dismal last gen was for xbox in Japan.

Lightning7765d ago

N4G avoided to report it for some reason but Xbox is doing better over there. I think it has something to do with JRPG gamepass drops after the TGS show and PS5 just being more expensive.

Obviously Series doing better isn't too surprising considering how terrible they did last gen over there. Anything is better than last gen for Xbox.

Team Ninja isn't off base here.

Nitrowolf264d ago (Edited 64d ago )

That’s more to do with stock. Look at the weeks when the stock gets full refreshed, it’s 2-4:1 ratio usually and dwindles down after. That’s been the trend for the last few months

Regardless, Xbox is def getting some more ground there, but honestly even with the PS5 sales, Nintendo is a different beast there

Orchard65d ago

Agreed that Nintendo dominates Japan. PlayStation and Xbox have basically been wiped out there.

mkis00764d ago

Theres more of a gap between ps and xbox than nintendo and ps. Its interesting how you lump them in the same boat.

Silly gameAr64d ago

That was the point of that comment and this article. They think Sony and MS are on equal footing in Japan. xbox guys tend to ignore reality and create their own.

septemberindecember64d ago

There is a larger gap between Switch and PS5 than PS5 and XSX. Switch is at almost 27M there. PS5 is at almost 2M. XS is at 350k.

Tacoboto64d ago

Article: "Team Ninja Fumihiko Yasuda said Xbox has seen growth in Japan"

Silly: "That was the point of... this article. They think Sony and MS are on equal footing in Japan"

The heck kind of reality do you live in?

Silly gameAr64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Well, I don't live in the reality where Sony doesn't exist. In the article itself, they don't mention Sony until the last sentence of the last paragraph, but we all know that before MS can touch NIntendo, they have to get past Sony first. VGC left Sony out of the convo for a reason.

Acting like the playstation doesn't exist doesn't pit MS against NIntendo in Japan. So, I guess I live in the real world.

mkis00764d ago

Oh really? Isnt that obvious based on price and launch dates? I was refering to the ps4 and xb1 which are fully saturated.

Orchard64d ago

Famitsu’s latest sales figures showed that around 98.5% of hardware sales in the region were Nintendo products, and 9 of the top 10 software sales were on Switch.

So yes, they’re in the same bucket - both are being dominated by Nintendo.

Silly gameAr64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Well, maybe if MS makes a couple dozen more trips to japan, they'll be able to get a quarter of PS's lifetime sales in Japan.

Both Nintendo and Sony are dominating xbox, so what's your point? It's the same thing worldwide, despite wishful thinking.

Tacoboto64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

An article about Xbox doesn't mention PlayStation. Except in one reference to sales figures. On a sales tracking website. That shows Playstation with 6x the sales lead.

Again what reality are you choosing to live in?

Orchard64d ago

@Silly I wouldn’t consider the current PS5 vs XSX sales as “dominating”. It’s close, far closer than last gen.

Nintendo on the other hand is dominating PS and Xbox with ease. Regularly outselling them by 2-5x.

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CaptainHenry91664d ago (Edited 64d ago )

"PlayStation and Xbox have basically been wiped out there."

Even though playstation hasn't been doing so well there, Xbox has completely been wiped out there they can't even get to a million sales. I don't even know why they even try.


"I don't even know why they even try.

Because Phil likely has a long-term plan to acquire multiple major Japanese publishers....hence his several trips to the region. The goal isn't necessarily to sell consoles, it's to sell Game Pass. You sell Game Pass in Japan with Japanese content.

Unfortunately when it comes to discussions regarding Xbox, there's still people (not referring to you specifically) who are stuck in 2013.

Tacoboto64d ago

Xbox One in Japan, nearly 9 years later:

Xbox Series, less than 2 years later:

Reason: basic math that takes next to no time to calculate. But since you've refused to do so [for months; Logic totally should refer to you specifically]: It's tripled sales of the previous gen in less than 25% of the time.

CaptainHenry91664d ago

"Phil likely has a long-term plan to acquire multiple major Japanese publishers..."

You can't buy those who don't want to be bought and many Japanese companies wouldn't want to be bought by an American company. Japanese companies are very resistant to overseas acquisitions


camel_toad64d ago

Japan likes mobile gaming and The Switch is the only one of The Big Three that does it.

Maybe someone already knows but how did Sony's handheld fare over there?

septemberindecember64d ago

PSP sold over 20M and PS Vita sold about 5M.

MadLad64d ago (Edited 64d ago )


The PSP did well, but the moment they realized the 3DS was going to win over the Vita and that people didn't want to buy their overly expensive proprietary storage, they basically dropped it then and there.

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