Gamezebo Review: Lost in Reefs

Gamezebo writes: "In the short history of create-your-own-world match-3 games, Lost in Reefs follows the same gameplay mechanics where you gather enough supplies during the actual puzzle games in order to purchase buildings reconstructing a once-famous dragon city. The question is: what does this game offer more for seasoned players of the genre?

The story of Lost in Reefs revolves around an ancient city hidden beneath the sea where it was fabled to hold residence to a mutual bond between humans and dragons. As the game implies, you are the only one in the world who knows that this ancient civilization exists. Therefore, it is up to you to confirm the theories and unearth the ruins that were sunk deep onto the ocean floor. Your exploration will soon reward you with The Heart of the City, but you can only rebuild the town piece by piece – a total of 20 structures you have to purchase using supplies you collect throughout your journey."

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