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Sean @ FG: The most egregious trophy bait to date, Stoke The Dog on PS4 can't even get its own premise right. The Finger Guns Review.

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DrDoomer56d ago

"Sony needs to support more indies" - they said.

CBaoth54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I'm probably the only guy on the internet that actually liked when the big 3 curated their libraries. I love a good indie as much as the next guy but I hate that since the PS360 era we get quantity over quality. Games like this, Black Tiger, and those dragon games deved by one guy should never be released on console. There should be minimum standards if manufacturers expect us to pay for online fees and subscription services on top of hardware, games and accessories. I get that everyone wants to be on the ground floor when the next Minecraft is discovered but let the PC community discover them. That's the inherent great aspect of that platform.

DrDoomer54d ago

And when they have those massive sale events, you have to shovel through mountains of shit to find a goddamn peanut.

ZeekQuattro55d ago

Goes to look up gameplay on YouTube. Instead I get videos about symptoms dog's experience if they had a stroke. 🤣

Bathyj55d ago

Probably more fun than this game