Ubisoft will let you transfer your Stadia purchases to PC

If you bought an Ubisoft game on the soon-to-be-discontinued cloud gaming platform, you’ll be able to get a copy on PC

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Spenok56d ago

Welp, this is certainly good for the 3 people who bought one :)

TheColbertinator56d ago

That's a good approach for Ubisoft

Orchard56d ago

Not normally a fan of Ubisoft but giving credit where it is due - this is a very consumer friendly move where they really had zero obligation to do anything.

Kosic56d ago

Can you still buy things now and get refunded when they close the service? I haven't looked into stadia since they launched it.

MadLad55d ago

The service, itself, is done.

You can't buy the hardware, and purchases were taken away, but you can still download previously purchased games.

Kosic55d ago

Ah that's a shame I didn't buy anything during the time it was up. I found gamepass a better platform as you do not need to pay monthly then buy the games ontop. Google shot themselves in the foot with this model.

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