Alien: Isolation 2 - This Amazing Survival Horror Game Deserves A Sequel

Alien fans are clamouring for a direct sequel to the amazing first game and hope for an Alien: Isolation 2. Here's what we would like to see.

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bondsmx62d ago

Couldn’t agree more. Great game. Great atmosphere. Total nail biter.. would day a sequel day 1.


It deserves an official VR patch….

SimpleSlave62d ago

Agree. But if they do they should go all in with the emergent gameplay. Do not force the Alien on us, but on the world. And allow us to make mistakes or stumble upon random scenes instead of forcing the AI in certain places where it just breaks the game and show the developers hand. I mean, how many time is the goddamn thing going to circle around the same hallways? Seriously.

Also, weapons on androids, they DO need to work, especially those headshots. Of course the penalty of using loud sounds being that the Xenomorph(s?) goes all "Surprise Bitch!" on you.

Great game, hampered by antiquated design ideas that could be the next best horror IP if done right.

Ramboforlife62d ago

Probably the best survival horror game I've ever played. The atmosphere is perfect.

Binarycode62d ago

It does indeed. Fantastic game.

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The story is too old to be commented.