Halo Infinite Online Issues Will Remain Indefinitely

The cause for high pings, packet loss, matchmaking issues has still not been pinpointed.

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Jin_Sakai60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Unbelievable. Online multiplayer that worked since Halo 2 somehow can’t work properly today. 343i are the worst.

SullysCigar59d ago

I saw an article highlighting how there were more people playing Destiny 2 on STADIA alone. Not a headline I thought I'd see. Total mess.

SpineSaw58d ago

Destiny 2 is a pretty good game and the Destiny Franchise is great and without that Developer that made the Destiny Franchise there would be no Halo at all. With that said Halo is a niche game outside of The Halo community on the Xbox consoles.

SullysCigar58d ago

^ I agree, it's just the fact that Destiny 2 is an old game now and Stadia has such a TINY usage base - to the point they're killing it off.

This is just a fact that boggles the mind and brings the reality home of just how bad Halo is now.

GaboonViper58d ago

They need Halo removed from their hands ASAP, i never thought i would dislike Halo, thats what 343i have done, shut them down.

fr0sty58d ago

Bungie wanted out from under Microsoft for a reason. I think we're seeing that reason.

GamerRN58d ago

Wait until Sony makes them produce only Destiny forever...

Profchaos58d ago

Benifit of the doubt it's a different dentine so they didn't break that netcode they simply failed to build their own

strifeblade58d ago

Did you mean to say that halo infinite's issues would remain.... infinite?

Rude-ro58d ago

It is not unbelievable.
What is unbelievable are those that kept on believing that Microsoft would deliver when there is over a decade of not making one innovative step in gaming.
You can not buy ip’s and make them be grand.
Never has been successful, never will be successful.

Profchaos58d ago

Yeah I agree they brought rare when they were on top of their game and it's been 20 years of middling releases and Kinect shovelware.

The biggest Microsoft releases have typically come from second party studios. E.g bungie and epic games which are not owned by ms but will produce exclusive content over a period of time halo and gears.

Once thise studios want to move on Microsoft builds a team to continue the franchise but they constantly mess it up. 343 and the coalition have not been great
At least coalition improved with gears 5

Mobis-New-Nest58d ago

This is why Blizzard needs to step in and take over, they are the only gaming company on Planet Earth that is capable of saving the Halo Franchise. Give us Halo Immortal already *crosses fingers*

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1Victor59d ago

Well at least you guys got the next game to look forward to and hope for.
IF it’s as messed up as this one you’ll know it’s the developer studio if it’s better you’ll know it was the studio leadership, ether way you’ll have to vote with your play time if it’s good play it till you break 5 controllers, if it’s not don’t play it at all even if it’s free to play and good changes will come.

SullysCigar60d ago

At least it's not affecting too many people, since the player count plummeted. Still sucks though.

Aloymetal59d ago

Half a billion in the making...

badz14959d ago

half a billion into the drain

babadivad59d ago

I am starting to be convinced Amazon decided to burn a billion dollars on the Rings of Power trash fire simply not to be outdone by Microsoft.

It's vanity at this point.

FlavorLav0159d ago (Edited 59d ago )

But hey, it’s on gamepass. Surely that’s a good enough excuse to see flagship AAA franchises tanked into the ground, right? Lol

Xbox and 343i look pitiful with this egg on their faces.

Hofstaderman58d ago

Try a WHOLE TRAY of eggs on their faces…