Wii Play Review

IGN takes a look at Wii Play and writes up a review. The game comes packaged with a Wii Remote and retails for $49.99. Which means you are paying for the Remote and and $10 game and according to IGN its a good thing it's a $10 game.

"The price is definitely right and for good reason: Wii Play is incredibly shallow; in fact, by comparison it makes the already-flimsy Wii Sports look like a Zelda adventure in scope. Wii Play's mini-games are designed to last for minutes at a time and not hours, which is one of its shortcomings. That being true, for about the price of a movie ticket, it's much easier to forgive any of the project's weaknesses and embrace its strengths, even if they are short-lived."

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calderra5706d ago

It's the only way to guarantee yourself a Wii-mote, really. It'll sell.