Phil Spencer says Xbox will look at letting players disable Quick Resume

The feature can cause issues with online games.

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Rocosaurus61d ago

It is a fantastic feature. Me and my kids have pretty much always 3+ games on quick resume.

S2Killinit61d ago

Didnt they say it costs something crazy like 8X the energy consumption or something?

I guess if you are ok with your energy bill costs, then its pretty nifty feature? I rather not pay where I dont have to. I have a lot of costs.

Concertoine61d ago

I dont think ive ever heard this. I couldnt find a source for it online either.

YodaCracker61d ago

No. You’re thinking of standby mode which consumes more energy than PS5’s rest mode. Quick Resume, however, does not require your console to be in standby. You can use energy saver or even completely unplug the console and Quick Resume will still work.

hyperfire2161d ago

Source? Don’t just make up things

SullysCigar60d ago

Yes, but it was 15 times more energy in standby than PS5. It was a big story here.

That was compared to the original PS5, not the current one with the reduced energy consumption and heat output.

HeliosHex60d ago

@S2Killinit. No that's why I put it on energy saver mode. The bill change is miniscule. Not sure if you have alot of stuff pulling energy though which I don't. So not sure how it would be for you. But it's a cool feature for sure.

S2Killinit60d ago

What it xbox standby mode? But, Yes i believe you are correct, I just remembered it was some crazy amount of energy consumption by xbox.

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Shane Kim61d ago

Why not fix the issue instead?

ABizzel161d ago

It's a quicker fix to disable it, than to try to wait for a patch while people are having issues, or worse patch it and cause another issue. So disabling it and fixing in the background is the safer option. That's the purpose of Safe Mode in most cases.

Mcardle61d ago

Because its mostly on the Developer side. This would give you the option to disable it if their implementation of quick resume isn't working well.

SullysCigar61d ago

Or just wait until it's tried, tested and ready before rolling it out.

This was the main selling point for some time before launch and has been fraught with issues.

Kosic61d ago

Why not allow us to make an acception list of games that can be QR and games we don't want it to be QR enabled?

porkChop61d ago

Because that's unnecessary. If you don't want a game in quick resume just close it. It takes two clicks. Game states are only stored for Quick Resume if you leave them open.

KillBill60d ago

That is exactly what was discussed. It is an option to choose individual games to take out of restmode option.

KillBill60d ago

It is not a glitch/issue it is simply that some online games when put into restmode simply do not keep their online session active. (of course not) So the attempts at continuing from where you left off could simply be extended due game going back to start menu to log back into the online session. And or the game looking for its online access first and not finding it then taking a lengthy time to start over. You would be asking each individual developer to fix something that really isn't broken.

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XiNatsuDragnel61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Quick resume is awesome tbh

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NotoriousWhiz61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Yeah, I'd be okay with turning off quick resume for very specific online games. (e.g: Ark survival evolved). With it on, I always have to manually quit and reopen ark (sometimes twice?) in order to connect to servers.

DaleCooper61d ago

Same with me. It'd be nice to turn it off on specific games. For single-player offline games it's great.

EvertonFC61d ago

2 years in and this problem hasn't been sorted ?

StarkR3ality61d ago

Because it's not just up to Xbox to fix it. It's mostly devs not putting in the extra work to take advantage or stop issues with quick resume, even then it's online only games and further still only certain ones. Not really a big issue as the pro's vastly outweigh the cons.

isarai61d ago

The PS4 AND PS5 havent had this issue with their implementation of quick resume, so pretty sure it's not the devs fault. If i suspend an online only game when i resume it just gives me a notice that my connection has been lost and quits to the main menu of said game.

Om4ever61d ago

@isarai ... Which is the same with Quick resume...PS5 'single' resume behaves the same way with online games

isarai61d ago


I thought the issue here was that it crahes on the xbox consoles. It does not crash on ps4/5, just loses connection and goes back to the game menu.

StarkR3ality61d ago


PS5 doesn't have Quick resume, it only keeps one game in a suspended state instead of like 7.

It's a none issue for people who actually have the console.

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MadLad61d ago

It's on the developers.
Not Microsoft.

People assume it's just going to work, but it still needs to be added on the software end.

SullysCigar61d ago

It's on both developers AND Microsoft. Gamers should be able to assume it works.

If developers don't do what Microsoft's system needs them to do, Microsoft should operate a fail-safe.

If that's not possible, this feature just isn't consumer ready, which is causing gamers frustrations such as unexpectedly losing progress. The feature just isn't tight enough to guarantee a good experience.

MadLad61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


Their direct competition don't even try to do it.
Are you actually saying a company should go in and make sure each and every tittle ever released on their platform offers a feature or else handle it themselves?

Even as mainly a PC player, do you know how insane it is to unplug my Xbox, take it out of state, turn it back on and instantly start multiple games that I may have played months ago?

Why make a go at a feature that works with the vast majority of games when the competition isn't even trying.

That's kind of ridiculous, honestly.

StarkR3ality61d ago


It's really not a big deal. All you have to do is quit the game and reload it and it fixes the problem. And the only games I have ever had the issues with is FIFA (shock).

Stop trying to make it out as a big deal when you have zero idea what you're talking about and are being an utter fanboy as per usual.

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porkChop60d ago


It's only a problem for always-online games because, shocker, in standby your console is in fact not always online. If you're playing 90% of games that don't connect to servers for saves, drm, etc., then it works just fine. This is not an issue MS can fix. The only fix is for developers to stop making single player games that have to connect online. And you as a player can prevent it by closing those games instead of leaving them open in Quick Resume.

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