The Callisto Protocol’s AI is more interested in scaring you than killing you

Striking Distance wants to kill you, sure – but according to Striking Distance’s CTO, Mark James, it’d much rather scare you to death than bludgeon you.

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ClayRules201257d ago (Edited 57d ago )

This was an intriguing and exciting read! Here’s hoping this Ai system (which sounds really great) all culminates into a complete package that sells the experience of horror etc in an awesome an gruesome/gore filled way. The gameplay sounds so intense and fun.

So excited for this story and experience!

57d ago
EvertonFC57d ago

Agreed a nice read, unfortunately most gamers won't even remember if a doors be opened or a vent missing cause there too busy rushing through games ?

Ashunderfire8656d ago

Not so fast lol!!! They will be surprise they can't just rush through the game, because a giant mutated 2 face monster will bite their head off in horror. Look at the extended trailer for reference lol!!!

Pepin57d ago

In the same interview, James talked about how they use advanced audio engineering to also play into this – that they 'breadcrumb' scary sounds in to make you think something is going to happen way before it does. The tech sounds really intense!

Ashunderfire8656d ago

This game is going to make me call survival horror the best genre in gaming period! I like that idea of using scary sounds to build tension before the monsters attack you. That is what horror is all about the sound before that jump scare to attack you. the element of surprise, or that intense music playing forcing you to run like hell! Outlast 1 did a very damn good job with this:

HeliosHex57d ago

Oh man I love a good scare.

Pepin57d ago

By using 'horror engineering', Striking Distance reckons it can tap into pretty much every kinda scare you'd want in a horror game. I think this is going to be a good one!

57d ago
S2Killinit57d ago

I read the title and thought, “these monsters are just misunderstood”

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